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Anub’Arak Wishlist + Big Fat Rework

HeroesoftheStorm 6 - Anub’Arak Wishlist + Big Fat Rework

PLEASE ignore the wall of text and just read the main ideas if you don’t feel like it.

I published this thread on Anub’s Heroics just yesterday. Was saving this one for later but thought finalizing it today to empty my head for the patch notes. After feedback I changed my mind on Locust Swarm btw. TL;DR on that, Cocoon’s health and Swarm’s PvE healing are a bit troublesome, and Swarm is judged unfairly.

Main Ideas

  • Hardened Carapace no longer specialized vs spells. Dives, piercing stun, skillshot-blocking summons and a bursty shield are already anti-magey. In Warcraft III, Spiked Carapace#Spiked_Carapace) was focused on attacks, not spells. I also think the armor, originally not at all in the ability, could be removed when the shield is.
  • Locust Swarm stats buffed, with less PvE healing, so it isn’t balanced around crazy heals in lanes, Infernal Shrines etc. An added element of complexity like accumulating damage and radius, or bonus damage to disabled heroes, would also be nice.
  • Cocoon getting a traditional health pool, removing extreme counters in fast damage (Tracer & Tass autos, Disintegrate, poisons), making it more fair in their absence, and giving enemies a clear picture of what they can contribute to its destruction.
  • Beetles following through Burrow Charge via talent. Can also have Shed Carapace grant them speed. Such options take your produced beetle army with you for chasing.
  • Add multi-aspect talents to aid talent diversity and replace generic talents except Regen Master. I don’t think passive regen fits a hero with lifesteal mechanics.
  • Not confident on this as it adds more work with skins, but reintroduce big Beetles that where in old Beetle, Juiced.

Big Fat Rework

Balance isn't supposed to be accurate. Chitinous Plating is removed to reduce synergy and promote diversity, but super synergy can be fun, so dunno. There's also other possibilities, like putting Debilitation into Reemerge, my replacement for Rewind, without cd reduction.

Hardened Carapace

  • Now grants 25 Armor, but only while the shield is active.
  • Duration reduced from 3 to 2.5 seconds.

Locust Swarm

  • Deal 60 damage to units around Anub’Arak and heal for 50% of the damage dealt to heroes, 10% vs other targets. Damage and area increase by 10% every second. Lasts 6 seconds.


  • Wraps target enemy Hero in a Cocoon, rendering them unable to act or be targeted. The Cocoon has 25 Spell Armor and X health, which decays over 7 seconds.

Tier 1 – Sustain and Beetle Support

  • Nerubian Armor: Hardened Carapace grants an additional 25 Spell Armor while its shield is active. Passive: Beetles gain 25 Spell Armor.
  • Legion of Beetles: Automatically spawn a Beetle every 10 seconds. Restore 1% maximum health when a nearby minion or Beetle dies.
  • Shed Exoskeleton: Hardened Carapace grants Anub’Arak and his Beetles 25% increased movement speed for 2.5 seconds.

Tier 2 – Aoe + Q&E Buffs

  • Bed of Barbs – Same
  • Epicenter: Increase the slow of Burrow Charge to 35% and its damage by 80%, or 160% if it hits a single enemy.
  • Locust Needles: Basic Attacks deal 50% of their damage to an area around the target. Reward: After damaging enemy Heroes with Basic attacks 100 times, increase the range of Impale and Burrow Charge by 20%.

Tier 3 – Sustain

  • Subterranean Shield: Casting Burrow Charge grants an X point Shield for 3 seconds. If it hits a Hero, refresh this shield.
  • Debilitation: Impale and Burrow Charge reduce the Spell Power of Heroes hit by 25% for 2.5 seconds.
  • Leeching Scarabs: Beetles heal Anub’Arak for 50% of their damage while nearby.

Tier 5 – Damage

  • Impale deals 70% more damage. If it hits a Hero, the following spikes gain an additional 70% damage.
  • Urticating Spines: When Hardened Carapace’s Shield expires, deal 120 damage to nearby enemies. If its shield was destroyed within 1.5 seconds, the radius and damage increase by 50%.
  • Acid Drenched Mandibles – Same

Tier 6 – Mixed

  • Spiked Carapace: Hardened Carapace grants an additional 25 Physical Armor. While active, enemy Heroes receive 100% of the damage they deal to Anub’Arak with basic attacks.
  • Underking: Increase Burrow Charge’s area by 60%, and reduce Anub’Arak’s basic ability cooldowns by 2 seconds if at least 2 Heroes are hit. Beetles now burrow and reemerge at Anub’Arak’s location.
  • Beetle, Juiced: Takedowns and every 3rd basic attack against Heroes summon a Beetle.
  • Submerge): Enter stasis for up to 3 seconds and summon 3 Beetles. 30 sec cooldown.

Tier 7 – Mixed

  • Hive Master: Increase the duration of Locust Swarm by 2 seconds. Passive: Gain a permanent Vampire Locust that attacks a nearby unit every 5 seconds, dealing 120 damage and restoring half as much health.
  • Cryptweave: While Anub’Arak is near the Cocoon, enemies who attack them have their attack and movement speed reduced by 25% for 2.5 seconds. Can channel to slow the Cocoon’s natural decay by 50%.
  • Reemerge: Activate to reset the cooldown of Impale and Burrow Charge. Hitting Heroes with Impale or Burrow Charge reduces this cooldown by 2 seconds. 60 sec cooldown
  • Scourged Army: Activate to make Anub’Arak and his Beetles unkillable for 3 seconds. 60 second cooldown. Passive: Takedowns restore 10% of your maximum health and refresh active Beetles, causing regular Beetles to gain 50% damage and health.
  • Symbiotic Armor: Hardened Carapace shields nearby allied Heroes and Beetles for 80. Anub’Arak’s shield increases by 10% per affected target, up to 50%.

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