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Anub’arak’s Beetles Are the Best & Dullest They’ve Ever Been

HeroesoftheStorm 7 - Anub'arak's Beetles Are the Best & Dullest They've Ever Been

Guess I can add a rough sketch I've been working on.

Beetles are a huge reason Anub is my favorite tank, and it's great they're finally popular.

The best aspect of the build is it practically unlocks tank and bruiser aspects for Anub. Frontline dps and healing, massive 1v1 boost, PvE that covers waveclear, pushing, camps and certain objectives. It turns him into different Hero. The Beetle build completes him.

But when a Hero requires talents for his core to be complete, there's a problem.

The Dark Side of The Underground

Outside the dynamic element of Beetle, Juiced, you just buff Beetles themselves. They gain damage, sustain, and heal you. You don't interact with them and they do not really affect your gameplay and decisionmaking, unlike talents like Shed Exoskeleton, Urticating Spines, Epicenter, and Debilitation.

And of course, the build's extremely synergistic. More Beetles with more health and damage. Beetle talents are balanced around this synergy, thus you miss so much when you pick them outside the build. And if you go Beetles and want to hybridize, the more you lose for picking anything else.

I was skeptical of the synergy Burning Beetles added. But damn did it feel good. Now Beetle, Juiced lost some PvP to complete the PvE side of Beetles for a heck of an independent Hero who can do just about anything but solo boss. Such a gift! But it feels bad…

  • That a huge armored scarab depends on a single build to reclaim his anti-melee identity#Spiked_Carapace).
  • That Anub falls victim to the overwhelming synergy of old HotS, which decimates diversity.
  • That my favorite build adds nothing to PvP gameplay while skipping dynamic talents.
  • That said dynamic talents don't diversify my contribution outside PvP.
  • That I can't interact with my Beetle army, just choose their upgrades.
  • That you must wait for 7 to get lifesteal and 16 to unlock your PvE potential.
  • That Beetles range from inexistent cannon fodder to an army fighting your battles.
  • That it took a single OP talent in Burning Beetles for the build to go from 20% to 50% popularity.

A Matter of Design

Anub is doing well atm. He has an acceptable popularity and 2nd highest Tank winrate. A well-deserved Burning Beetles nerf would bring his winrate down and reduce the build's popularity.

But being in a good place has surprisingly little to do with design integrity. Anyone can balance numbers until a Hero is in a 'if it ain't broke' state, but reaching one's full potential in terms of role, fantasy, diversity, core gameplay and what talents add… that's a whole different matter.

Anub has a slew of issues and outdated elements. Swarm's hps is tuned around lanes, unlike Mal'ganis' fav Carrion Swarm, and Cocoon's HP gives it extreme counters whilst being tougher in their absence. Sooo many passive, dull talents, including heroic upgrades. Regen Master and Hardened Shield make 0 sense on a hero with shield, armor and lifesteal mechanics, while Rewind dominates level 20, a talent so poorly designed it ranges from 80% to 8% pick rate based on the hero.

I like tossing out ideas, but I'll leave this as a thread purely pointing at and analyzing issues.

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