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Anub’arak’s Debilitation would be so much better if it were tied to Impale instead of Burrow Charge

HeroesoftheStorm 9 - Anub'arak's Debilitation would be so much better if it were tied to Impale instead of Burrow Charge

> is weird. Burrow Charge is an inherently aggressive ability, but Debilitation is inherently defensive. Getting value out of Debilitation requires me to get less value out of Burrow Charge itself, so the net gains are minimal. Let me give an example:

One of the best case scenarios you could think of for Debilitation is as an anti-Nano-Boost tool. Let's say Ana Nano Boosts the enemy Jaina, and if I don't stop her, there's a very high chance she'll tear apart my team. (We'll also say that Cocoon isn't an option; either it's already been used, or I'm worried that Ana and whoever else will destroy it too fast.) So, I have a couple of options.

Option 1) Maybe I want to hard-engage onto Jaina. Maybe I should dive forward, burn both Burrow Charge and Impale to lock her down, and rely on my team to blow her up before she can do any significant damage. If that's the case, Debilitation is a pretty pointless upgrade. Lowering the damage of the target you're hard-engaging on is just redundant; that target will either be stunlocked, desperately running for their life, or straight up dead. That target's damage is the least of my worries.

Option 2) Maybe I just want to lower Jaina's spell power, and not commit any other resources to her (so basically save Impale for someone else and don't expect team support). That means I have to Burrow Charge rather far forward without the intent to actually kill Jaina. Firstly, this forces me to waste a lot of the precious CC in my kit since I'm not expecting any follow up to this stun. More importantly though, this maneuver would put me very far forward in enemy territory, and I just burned my escape. I have to immediately turn tail and run for my life because it's so likely that I'll get engaged on myself for doing this, and there's a very high chance that I'll die to any such engage.


Debilitation is just such an awkward upgrade for Burrow Charge. It's play-style is so antithetical to Burrow Charge's play-style that it feels like I can only get value out of one or the other when I use the ability.

But Impale is a completely different story. Using Impale as a peel or a disengage is totally fine; Anub'arak players do it all the time. In the case of the Nano-Boosted Jaina, instead of awkwardly trying to Burrow Charge her and completely ruining my positioning, I can just Impale her. After that, I can spend time being a nuisance with Basic Attacks and Urticating Spines, and then use Burrow Charge at some point, either to escape or for CC. I don't have to run for my freaking life immediately after debuffing Jaina and then have no escape left even if I do make it out.

Yes Impale can miss and yes I would still waste much of it's stun in many cases. But everything would just be so much simpler if Debilitation were tied to Impale rather than Burrow Charge. Additionally, Impale can pretty easily hit multiple heroes, a feat which Burrow Charge struggles to replicate without Epicenter. That coupled with the Impale's lower cooldown would represent a sizable buff to the talent and it's utility. Debilitation would just be so much more functional if it were tied to Impale instead of Burrow Charge, not to mention significantly stronger.

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