Heroes of the Storm

Anwsering the some common HOTS Reddit questions/complaints :)

HeroesoftheStorm 6 - Anwsering the some common HOTS Reddit questions/complaints :)

1) Is HOTS dead? Or "I've been gone X time, is it worth coming back?"

Who gives a shit. If you want to play the damn game PLAY IT. Why spend 10 minutes mocking up a post to ask a stupid question that regardless of the answer you were going to play/not play anyways.

2) Wow Silver/Gold/Plat/Low Diamond are just filled with idiots! How can you be so bad in X division!

You sir are also the idiot (Or Madam I don't discriminate) and are more than likely just as bad if not worse then who you're bitching about. If you truly are better than your ELO you inevitably….wait for it…climb the latter! Also I can tell you if you think your clown fiesta in Silver is bad, its the same in Diamond but we just make it look fancy when we f*ck up.

**Also whenever you go "I'm playing with idiots.." I can almost guarantee you the other 4 are thinking the exact same thing about you. Whenever I start to feel that way I realize "God, I need to take a break I'm PART OF THE PROBLEM"

3) How do I climb out of Bronze/Silver/Gold/Plat? I'm better than my MMR and deserve to be in X!

Understand how YOU can change and evolve. Watch your replays, ask teammates what you could have done better. Unless you typically hold 60% WR or higher they're is something your doing wrong that someone else is taking advantage of.

Also why the hell does everyone want to climb anyways? I get its a feeling of accomplishment but if you're whole schtick is "I'm in Silver, but I really am a Plat player" Well congrats if you eventually climb, here's your participation trophy.

4) I can't win because they'res always a Troll/AFK'er in my game!

My favourite nugget of wisdom I got one day bitching about people "In a group people you think everyone's an asshole…You're probably the TRUE asshole."


If someone refuses to pick anything you like and you treat them like shit…what do you expect? "Please TracerForLifeXX please don't pick tracer! We're guaranteed to lose…". Instead look at their profile and see what other heroes that they play and suggest that. If they refuse and insta lock anyways do you think telling them "Wow…its your fault we lost.. GG" at 2 minutes helps anything? Instead of pissing people off….I dunno just try playing? If that doesn't work take a 5 minute break so you don't load your next game with them.

5) People refuse to fill roles and make me lose!

Where is the rules you have to have a tank, heals, fill in the rest kind of team? It makes sense but if you're in a game and you team doesn't have a healer and you REALLY suck at healing? Pick a DPS you tend to win with and you'll likely have a better chance at winning then having the worlds saddest healing. Whenever a game loads I will literally tell my team "If I heal we will likely lose" and more often then not someone will show a healer before the first bans are done. Now the higher the ELO the more selections do make an impact but in Low Diamond and under you're 100% playing what your best at then filling something you're atrocious at.

6) My Tank won't peel for me!

As someone who main tanks I can't save stupid. If you face check a bush, run away from the tank or go into a team fight 1v5 I CAN'T SAVE YOU. Yes, a tank can fail you by not noticing you're being targeted but there is no way in hell you can blame the tank if you have 10 deaths. By 5 deaths you should be thinking "What am I doing wrong?" instead we get "Hmmm…Am I out of position? Is my tank not around me?… Its a 2v4 and we should run? Nah lets go in… WOW WAY NOT TO PEEL!!"

I could make a small novel out of these nutty posts day in and day out. Long story short: ITS A TEAM GAME. You win together or you lose together. Thats it. Stop being a dick, understand you're not perfect and everyone has bad days. Take a break and stop being a twat about it and come back another day.

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