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ARAM suggestions or whatever

HeroesoftheStorm 6 - ARAM suggestions or whatever


Okay so I get it. All RANDOM all mid.

This is my favorite game mode. Me and the boys exclusively play this because it’s full of non stop action. Dumb comps and all around a blast. But I do believe there are some things on ARAM that exclusively piss me off.

  1. It seems like they try to make the teams even. If we get 3 healer selections. The other team does too. This isn’t the case with tanks. There are so many times the other team or my team gets a tank when the other doesn’t. This is almost a for sure win. I can’t tell you how frustrating it is when they get a diablo. And we get a leoric. And it’s not like they don’t get a healer to supplement it, nope. They get fucking seal team 6. Diablo. 2 li Mings. A lucid and medivh and obliterate is in the matter of 8 minutes or so. Flinging our lifeless bodies around the map. Either go truly All random all mid without giving people options. Or always give people the OPTION of at least 1 healer and 1 tank.

  2. The conveyor belt map. My god. This map is the worst ever. I die more on that conveyor belt over any hero in the game. He’s the ultimate boss. I can’t tel you how many times I’m trying to avoid a azmo dunk that hits for 1200 at like level 12 (which also is bullshit. But we can talk about that later) because it takes up 67% of the lane. And a fraction of my toe hits the conveyor belt and I start burning calories trying to run into it frantically. Give us a switch that we can like shut the fuck off.

  3. Why the hell is li Ming in almost every single aram. How many heroes are there? I’m not kidding. Go play aram for 20 matches and tell me how many times li Ming is there. Sometimes 2 of them. She so god damn toxic in brawl too. Most people go the cookie cutter orb build and launch fucking galaxy sized orbs from off the map that chunk you even if you’re trying to use minions to block them. In regular play she’s not that bad. When you get the ultimate amount of resets and pretty much unlimited mana. She is a thing of legend. Fuck her.

  4. Tower range and damage. Shit please turn this down in aram. I don’t need my games lasting 30 minutes because the teams like to turtle behind their wall and you got a team of no siege abilities. So you try and push in and the tower automatically locks on to you like a fucking aimbot and starts headshotting more damage than a stacked zuljin WHILE SLOWING YOU. Also those towers fucking hit you from almost mid way in the lane. It’s crazy. Turn it down for aram. It makes sense in regular play.

  5. Allow us to talk to the other team just in ARAM. Yeah it’ll be toxic. But who cares. It’s fun.

Of course all this comes off as a joke and should be intended as such. I love ARAM and hots. The tower change would be nice though. Would speed up the game.

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