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Arcane Orbit should also increase the range of Magic Missiles

HeroesoftheStorm 3 - Arcane Orbit should also increase the range of Magic Missiles

I don't particularly like Li-Ming's Arcane Orb build. I think it teaches players bad habits like spamming their spells off-cooldown rather than waiting for a CC to follow up on, and the high numbers it can output cause many players to significantly overvalue its impact.

While I'd like to see many aspects of the Arcane Orb build reworked, the most important one by far is the disaster that is Arcane Orbit. While this talent looks like a great capstone upgrade to the Orb Build (as a level 16 talent should be), in reality it takes everything wrong with the Orb Build and makes it worse, while also doing very little to improve the things Li Ming is good at (like burst damage). Currently, with good micro, you will actually get more value out of Fireflies or Mirrorball after taking Triumverate and Zei's Vengance than you will out of Arcane Orbit.


The problem is that with Arcane Orbit, your Orb now out-ranges Magic Missiles. Thus, by definition, it is extremely hard to get value out of both the extra range from Arcane Orbit and Magic Missiles at the same time. Usually you need to choose one or the other, and because Magic Missiles does so much damage, the correct choice is usually to go with them. For example, let's say your ETC Powerslides a lone Kael'thas and you need to kill him quickly. You'd do more damage by moving closer and landing all 3 Missiles + a half-range Orb than by backing up and landing a max range Arcane Orbit Orb, but not Magic Missiles. It is true that Arcane Orbit can output a lot of poke damage, but this requires you to position yourself such that Magic Missiles is almost impossible to land. How many times have you seen an Arcane Orbit player use Q and W at the same time, and the Q completely stops short before getting close to anyone while the W keeps going and maybe lands a hit? I've seen so many Li Ming players take Arcane Orbit and immediately lose all value from their Q button by doing so.

The solution is to make Arcane Orbit also increase the range of Magic Missiles so that the two abilities can still be used in concert without the positioning of one ruining the effectiveness of the other. This would make Arcane Orbit still feel like a natural capstone for the Orb Build, but without introducing this huge anti-synergy within Li Ming's kit. I also think it would be a really fun upgrade that a lot of Li Ming players would be excited to try out, even some of the more experienced ones. If one or more of the Orb talents needs to be nerfed to keep things balanced that's fine. The design of this talent is just so off that I really want it to be addressed.

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