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Armor changes are pretty badly designed as well

HeroesoftheStorm 5 - Armor changes are pretty badly designed as well

With all the focus on the XP changes, there has not been much talk about armor.

Supposedly in coordinated play, armor stacking needs to be fixed, however I haven't experienced this myself.

From PTR:

Now, just like Movement Speed modifiers, the game will apply only the highest (or lowest) amount of Armor to a Hero at any given time. We've adjusted ability/talent Armor values on a per Hero basis to account for this change:

First, the small selection of armor tweaks is very puzzling. How did they decide on those and ignore the vast majority of armor talents? Raynor's <> got buffed from 5 to 10, was that really needed? Anub's <> giving 60 spell armor at level 1 seems OP. What about all the other heroes that use armor as a core part of their kit like Brightwing, Blaze, Garrosh, Malganis, Tyrande… the list goes on.

When baseline armor got removed 6 months ago this was what Blizzard said:

"Developer Comment: We have experimented with baseline Armor on some of our Heroes for some time, but we’ve decided to remove this functionality for now. The problem with it that we’ve found over time is that baseline Armor was difficult to communicate visually."

"Difficult to communicate" is now an understatement if you are playing a support that uses armor. For example:

  • ETC initiated with power slide, Diablo charged someone into the wall, Blaze went deep with Pyromania. The natural reaction is to cast <> or <>. Wrong. Now you need to learn everyone's armour talents before you can support them properly.
  • Is Tyrande's <> meant to be a niche talent now?
  • Uther and Garrosh on the same team? That is an automatic gimp for Uther's trait.

They should have overhauled all support abilities that give armor. Armor is a part of so many talents and abilities and the few tweaks they are making don't even begin to address the new interactions.

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