Heroes of the Storm

Artanis guide, from a guy who hates swap focus players.

HeroesoftheStorm 1 - Artanis guide, from a guy who hates swap focus players.

Artanis guide:

Hi, I’m a diamond player who mains artanis, I have at lvl 81, and in the last few weeks I have seen many players pick him, and I’m like “not another one”, why?, because usually they are kind of troll with the hero, so I think I need to do something about it. Because I know you artanis player, you think you are a god, but you are not. And well this is all I can think of.

How to play artanis ?

He is a offlaner, you should duel people and have the highest amount of xp in the stats. that's your main job.

I will take a small look at his abilities so you can understand his playstyle better.

Blade dash:

This is your waveclear ability (but not that good), panic button that you press when you don’t know what to do and dead is coming, helps you to dodge skills, tank skill shots for your team, get cdr for your shield, and mix it with the prism.

Twin blades (not that one, this one is baseline):

the ability is worded if I’m not mistaken as “your next basic attack does one more extra auto” THIS IS WRONG, IT DOESN’T DO THAT. think of basic attacks as they have cd, in the case of artanis is 1 sec, you hit someone, and 1 sec late you hit again, what W does is reset the cd, so you do TWO FREE ATTACKS when you press it, so you can AA someone, inmediatly W, and that’s 3 basic attacks. this is really important to optimize your trait, your dps. and as a offlaner, this matters.

E the bait prism:

this ability changes your position with the enemy, and can be use with blade dash to swap someone from across the screen, and much more.

types of swaps:

long distance: basically you Q forward, and before the hero start getting back, you press E and swap your position with the enemy hero, all the way back to the initial position of your dash.

engage swap: basically you press E faster and make a short distance, what most people don’t notice is that this swaps already put your target in a weird AF position, but your is still good, so you should do this most of the times.

back swap: Q towards your back, and E in front of you fast, this is probably the top of your swapping skills, useful in solo laning match ups, works as a weird engage, you can peel against mele heroes. You should think this kind of swap as follows : “I can put everyone in the range of my E, at any position that can be reach by my Q”, if you think like that, your mind is open for weird plays.

How to use prism (THIS IS THE IMPORTANT PART):

Ok, you artanis god who likes to swap people across the screen, if you are in a 5v5, teams looking at each other, nobody uses nothing, and you do this, 3 things may happend: you miss and you are safe, but you waste an important cd that can be use properly in probably 4 more seconds; if you hit, there is a 75% chance to die, so is not worth it; you don’t die, you get the kill, ok, good, let’s hope you plan that exactly how it went down.

The best way to use prism as an engage is to follow your tank initiation (let’s say muradin stormbolts a backline and you short engage swap to get to him) this is really important because you have a team, and they most aim for a position, and you can inmediatly autoattack the target.

The best moment to make a long swap, like a hook, is once the fight is already striking, cds are off, everyone is focus on aiming their skillshots, in those cases the enemy lower their defenses, and if your Autoattacking the enemy tank or any target, you are in the perfect set up to make a long swap and getting out alive. Please do this, your kit is far more powerful than a 12s swap.

Shield overload:

Ok, pretty simple, AA people to reduce the cd of your shield, never let yourself get hit and shield pops up, if you can’t reduce the cd, this is sad, and probably one of the biggest weakness of the hero, because allows the enemy to find gaps between your shields and deal meaningful damage.

A little tip, if your shield is ready to pop up, it always gets triggered by damage, and that damage always goes to your hp and not the shield, so if you get pyro, this thing will go your hp, and then the shield will be up at its fullest amount, like a joke- This doesn’t happen when you are about to die.


lvl 1

Seasoned marksmen:


many people think this is a troll pick, but if you want to play artanis as a onetrick, you must play him in all his maps, and some maps have 0 value for amateur opponent, because you need to do your offlaner job to soak 1 lane, and probably 2, hence there isn’t much time siege towers of take camps. this is a Storm league purposes suggestion, in a organize team you can make calls to do other stuff.

Reactive parry:

Useful talent to win solo lane match ups, against thrall, leoric, heroes like that.

the trick here is to always have your 2 charges ready, and hold W to after using one charge, so effectivly you have 3 charges of 75 (which is a lot).

Amateur opponent: this is the pro talent, must pick in BoE and probably hanamura, highest impact talent of the lvl, but if you can’t macro to it, don’t take it.

lvl 4:

Shield surge: must pick, I won’t write about the rest because this talent is the best.

lvl 7:

chrono surge: only to troll in a full prism build with lots of AA, fun build, but not the best. but fun is important right?.

Solarite reaper: if you like picking artanis in every map, this is probably the go to because you need waveclear, and you suck at it. you can double soak with it.

Follow through: if you don’t need waveclear, this is probably the best tf option, is good.

there is a talent that slows people? but I hate prism.

lvl 10:

both ults are good, pls take both.

lvl 13:

phase bulwark: This talent is insane, basically 50 spell armor permanently, and also patches one of your biggest weak spots, it has armor 2s after the shield breaks, meaning it reduces the damage that goes to your hp when shied is trigger, you are insanely tanky with it.

Triple strike: damage talent, quite good, kind of troll with reactive parry because of the cd, you shouldn’t take it with blades of the templar (lvl 16) for something I’ll explain later.

Graviton vortex: fun talent.

Templar’s zeal: probably the second option if you don’t need phase bulwark and planning on taking blades of the templar.

lvl 16:

Blades of the templar: INSANE TALENT, take it, love it, before 16 artanis can’t kill people alone because they kite you, this talent allows you to do it, more damage, more shields, cc, insane. a little thing, your autoattack animation becomes faster, because of the speed attack, but your W animation with triple strike remains slow, so basically with or without triple strike your dps is slightly the same, meaning that is best to have another lvl 13 that makes more impact.

Titan killer: good against big tanks, with triple strike.

Force of will: cool talent, really good with the Q cdr because you get more shields, is just a defensive talent, so I don’t see the point on having it because I should have picked another hero. I only took in losing matches, and end up losing anyways.

lvl 20:

Zealot charge: this talent patches a lot of your mobility weaknesess, together with blades of the templar, follow through and seasoned marksmen you are finally a decent team fight hero.

Orbital bombardment: strong talent, if you need it, pick it.

Target purified: this is a winning talent, you can probably end the match if you execute this well, if you have blades of the templar, you can secure an enemy to get all the damage of the ult, is good, but also zealot charge is good, so is a hard choice.

Plasma burn: deals a lot of damage, I just like the other choices a lot.

When to pick the hero:

the best scenario is a map that doesn’t demand too much double soak (like towers of doom), the enemy doesn’t have arthas or varian, and if they have a backline like hanzo or gul’dan, to take fully advantage of your phase bulwark, so you can actually be useful in fights.

Suggested build for solo SL purposes: Seasoned marksmen, shield surge, solarite reaper, either ult, phase bulwark, blades of the templar, and zealot charge.

If you want to know which maps he is good at, take a look at this cool site by some italian guy, press the hero and there it is:


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