Heroes of the Storm

Artanis has probably one of the most well-designed talent trees in the game

HeroesoftheStorm 8 - Artanis has probably one of the most well-designed talent trees in the game

I absolutely love Artanis. No matter what situation I'm in, I never feel that I turn useless because there is a talent somewhere in his tree that helps me triumph.

  • Wanna do camps? Amateur Opponent
  • Wanna become a late-game powerhouse? Seasoned Marksman
  • Wanna win solo lane against a tough matchup? Reactive Parry
  • Need more waveclear? Solitare Reaper
  • Enemy kites you all the time? Warp Sickness, Blades of the Templar, Zealot Charge
  • Too many AA opponents? Suppression Pulse
  • Too many spell-damage opponents? Phase Bulwark
  • Difficult to reach problematic enemy backliner? Purifier Beam
  • Enemy has too many blinds/AA slow? Solitare Reaper + Templar's Zeal + Force of Will
  • Enemy has an impenetrable front-line? Triple Strike + Titan Killer
  • Enemy has too much poke and keeps triggering your shield then running away? Shield Battery

You can have answers, or at least mitigations to all problems you face in the game. You have multiple build paths, some being easier, some being harder to execute, with lots of potential variations within the builds (AA build, Q build, E build). Of course, he is not perfect, as his lvl4 seems to be dominated by Shield Surge (although his other lvl4 options used to be a lot worse), but otherwise, I would say he is a great example of how other heroes' talent trees should look like.


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