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Artanis is fun to play, but he feels very unimpactful outside of a good swap

HeroesoftheStorm 1 - Artanis is fun to play, but he feels very unimpactful outside of a good swap

Artanis is by far my most played hero in the game. The reason is simple: he is super hard to kill in unorganized environments like Quick Match and soloQ Storm League, which makes him a quite relaxing and independent hero who is very easy to do somewhat decently with no matter how good or focused one is. In Quick Match, being neigh unkillable is really useful when the game quite often decides that you're the solo frontline, and the blind ult is great to control the Butcher infestation. Also those moments when you stay alive around the 25% health are really awesome. However, when it comes to contributing to victory, I feel that there is very little I can do as Artanis:

  • Waveclear: Artanis has pathetic waveclear, that can be somewhat improved with > at lvl7, but then you give up on >, which is a huge contributor to your kill-potential in teamfights. Double soaking is out of the question. This category is a huge negative for a solo laner and probably the biggest issue with Artanis.
  • Camps/Sieging: Artanis must take > at lvl1 to be able to decently contribute to camps and siege buildings. Which means you give up on >, and the amazing synergy it has with >, which massively reduces your kill potential.
  • Crowd Control: Baseline, you have the swaps, which became a lot harder to hit since the movement increase, and at higher levels of play, the enemy tanks will step into your swap attempts, so you end up giving a free initiation to the enemy tank, instead of swapping the enemy healer who you intended to. If you manage to do a good swap, it's teamfight winning, but it's really hard to do consistently. At lvl7, you can pick >, and at lvl16 you can pick > to add a bit of slows, but once again, you need Follow Through at 7. The biggest value Artanis provides in this category however is >, which can provide insane value against the right teams. I feel Artanis does alright in this category in comparison to other tanky bruisers.
  • Teamfight kill potential: Artanis's kill potential is… terrible. You will have high damage numbers on the score screen, but most of those will be healed away, as you have very low DPS and burst, even with talents. The numbers will only be high because you are so hard to kill, so you can spend more time dishing out your low DPS. Which is why Seasoned Marksman is so important to improve your kill potential, but you can't take it, because without Amateur Opponent you can't take camps, which is one of your main roles as a solo laner. It's also super easy to kite Artanis: a bit of slow and you can't finish off your enemy anymore. Blades of a Templar solves a ton of the problems in this paragraph, but quite a lot of games will be effectively lost by the time you get to 16. > is a joke against any decent player until you get >, but it's at 20. > nullifies kiting issues, but is also at 20.

I personally feel that Artanis needs Amateur Opponent to be made semi-baseline to make the lvl1 talent choice meaningful. As in, Twin Blades baseline would have "deals 50% bonus damage to non-heroes", which then can be increased to 150% by picking Amateur Opponent if one chooses to. Also Q damage needs to be buffed a little bit. These should both increase his waveclear and make lvl1 talent choice more meaningful. His HP could be maybe reduced a bit to compensate for these buffs if needed to, but his winrate isn't that high at the moment so that might not be necessary.

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