Heroes of the Storm

Artanis player, looking for Leoric tips!

HeroesoftheStorm 3 - Artanis player, looking for Leoric tips!


I am trying to expand my bruiser hero pool. My first bruiser choice has always been Artanis, and while I can make him work rather well, I am looking for alternative bruisers to pick in situations in which Artanis does not fit.

I have found that Artanis excells at:

  • Playing a hard engage style, especially against teams that lack a strong front line.
  • Dealing single target PvE damage (Camps, bosses).
  • Winning solo lane objectives against most enemy assassins.

However, his disadvantages are:

  • Relatively weak wave clear with high gank susceptibility
  • Has a hard time dealing with strong front liners, this includes displacement heroes like Garrosh and Diablo, but bruisers like Arthas or Yrel can nullify Artanis both on the solo lane matchup AND during team fights.


This is where Leoric comes into play. Leoric has good waveclear starting at level 4, he has a reliable disengage to escape ganks and displacement effects, and can bother heavy front liners with Drain Hope. I am taking any type of advice on making Leoric work, but I am looking specifically for build recommendations, which ultimate to pick when, and some good tips on how to use Entomb because I kinda feel that its an ultimate that can backfire similar to a Naz wall, what are the best ways of using this ultimate?

Thanks! I love all feedback and comments!

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