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Artanis’ problems are not his talents, it’s his kit

HeroesoftheStorm 8 - Artanis' problems are not his talents, it's his kit

Artanis has some serious problems right now, but it's in his kit. Not his talents. His kit is among the most boring and least interactive in the game. It's just so one-dimensional, but it's not even the best at that dimension. If he's to be so limited in what he can do, he should at least be the most feared melee duelist.

Look at Yrel for an example of a melee-range hero with a dynamic kit. She can do a lot of different things and still does as much or more damage than Artanis, but her presence is felt much more strongly in the fight. Same with Imperius, Blaze, Thrall, etc.

1) No Engage

Artanis cannot engage worth a damn. The best he can do is a swap or a Blade Dash + close-range Phase Prism. Awesome. This is a wash, because now two of his abilities, one of which is also meant to help trigger his sustain, and his only non-Heroic source of spell damage, are on cooldown. Which leads us to our next point…

2) Unable to Stick to Enemies

At this point, enemies can just walk away from Artanis without worry. He has no mobility, and he can't stutter step while using Twin Blades. In fact, using it renders him unable to actually body block an opponent if he's not already in front of them.

The only answer he has to this is the slow on Prism, which is a terrible talent for one of the worst abilities in the game.

3) Subpar Sustain

Artanis' sustain is subpar compared to everyone else who fills the role. Part of the reason is because it's tied almost entirely to auto-attacks. But since he has no range, no mobility, and no stickiness, those are very easy to thwart. Even when it does work, it's just not that great. Sonya, Thrall, Blaze, Imperius, Yrel, they all have much better sustain that isn't entirely dependent upon melee attacks. Any form of kiting ability or CC basically renders Artanis unable to actually do his job, which means he can't sustain himself, which means he loses.

His old build was similarly slow and clumsy, but at least he could take a beating. The rework left Artanis no better able to contribute to a fight than before, but much less durable overall.

4) Subpar Abilities

Blade Dash and especially Phase Prism are not good basic abilities. They're easy to see coming (especially Prism), slow, and generally clunky. Even though you can use them together, the "swap" is honestly not that great. Best-case scenario, you trade their backliner for Artanis, if you manage to somehow get past all their team, hit a backliner who didn't just move to the side (very easily dodged), and get a perfect swap.

He has no escape, so Artanis gets blown up by their team, and their backliner killed by yours. Not exactly a great combo. More likely, you end up getting their tank at best, who walks back to their team while you die in vain.


Twin Blades is not much of an ability considering that his auto-attacks don't do that much damage and are shut down by range and CC.

Artanis has no CC in his base kit. In fact, he has nothing to really create space or make him a serious threat. You know what the enemy sees when Artanis approaches? Someone who can literally only walk up to them and melee them, especially when Prism/Dash are on cooldown.

Blade Dash, speaking of, is also meant to help reduce his Shield Overload CD, but is also his only non-ult form of spell damage. And it's extremely vulnerable to displacement. If you have to use it to try to reduce Shield Overload, you're not able to use it for a swap, which for some reason is considered enough to restrict his power budget. (It's not good enough.)

5) Heroic Choice(s)

Artanis only gets Suppression Pulse, which is great, but considering his biggest problems come in the form of ranged DPS (and any form of CC), it doesn't really help him much. Purifier Beam is just terrible, jumping all the way up to "mediocre" if you have some serious combo potential, like Mosh. But at that point, I'd rather just have Imperius, who can do a lot of his heroic's damage instantly, and then be a powerhouse in the fight.

6) No Mobility

Considering that he's limited 100% to melee range, Artanis gets no mobility to help him get into or stay at that range. He can't escape because his fantasy was apparently the "all-in warrior," yet he can't do that very well. If he does, he just tends to die. Why should he not have options? Everyone else does.

7) Irrelevant Damage

Artanis doesn't do that much damage in a fight. With Triple Strike and Titan Killer, he sort of can, but he's giving up on better options, especially for sustain, if he takes those, and still doesn't do as much damage as any of his rivals do. Because he has no real burst (1 AA + 2 more from Twin Blades is all he can do, but doesn't really count for much), his damage is easily healed, foiled by block, or just irrelevant on its own.

If your team has engaged and is putting tons of pressure on the enemy, it might be worth something, but then why not have Thrall or Sonya? They can follow up on team pressure but also do respectable damage on their own, and just contribute way more.

TL;DR: Artanis is very one-dimensional, but he's not even the best at that dimension. His entire kit is clunky. Phase Prism is a terrible ability outside of a "god swap," which is unreliable against bad players and useless against good ones. Blade Dash is slow, easily countered, and his only spell damage besides ults, but must also help with his sustain. His approach, sustain, and damage are all easily negated.

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