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As a primarily QM player these days, this mode has become a struggle for me lately

HeroesoftheStorm 4 - As a primarily QM player these days, this mode has become a struggle for me lately

I'll preface this by saying that I know QM has always been a meme, but unfortunately this is usually all I have time to play these days. The struggle has been real over the past 4 weeks with this game mode and has me questioning whether I want to play this game anymore. I'm platinum rank and I just cannot believe the lack of game knowledge of people I am paired with. I will also say I am one who always looks in the mirror and evaluates my own game play first and foremost before I start looking at everything else that has gone wrong. I have never been silenced or ever been toxic in chat, but do my best to give constructive criticism and help players understand the basics.

In the last few weeks I have won 3 games out of 18 I think? Lost 7 out of the last 8. Almost every game has someone on my team that goes afk or leaves, have someone(s) every game that just completely disregards soaking or understanding the basic concepts of soaking. Almost everyone other game someone is just completely toxic.

Last night I fit a game into my schedule and queued up as Muradin. We had a Zag, Guldan, Li-Ming and abathur. As soon as the game starts of course everyone goes mid. After the first wave of minions I ping bot and top lane (abathur is sitting behind gates in top). No one moves out of mid so I as Muradin go bot to start soaking and rotating, pinging top for Zag or Guldan to go. Abathur is still hatting someone in mid and we are behind two levels within the first 5 minutes. I type in chat asking Guldan or Zag to split up, but of course silence. They stay together in mid until we are level 9 and finally someone goes top after we are still two levels down, lost objective and two forts.


At this point Zag keeps overextending, gets destroyed time and again by the enemy tracer, respawns and just does it over and over.

Li-ming has no impact, flames everyone for her repeatedly dying being out of position every single team fight. Literally no where close to where the team is trying to fight so Tracer just goes to her and kills her. She won't move closer to me so i can protect her while I am trying to keep the others alive. She finished the game with 2K more damage than me as Muradin.

Enemy Tracer finishes the game with 16 kills. 12 of which we Li-Ming and Zag.

Now, I am full of faults in this game myself so don't get me wrong. I am not a main tank player. But for the life of me I cannot understand the lack of knowledge and the inability for people to adapt at what I assume is people around the Platinum level. This "story" has been the last 4 weeks of me playing and I just cannot take much more. I know everyone will chime in and say stop playing QM, but most of the time it's all I have time for.

Ill end by saying, please at least humor someone trying to give constructive advice and listen to pings if it seems pretty reasonable. This game would have been a landslide if zag and guldan split up and pushed separate lanes. No way the other team had the comp to stop our push, but instead they stayed mid and we got destroyed. Rant over.

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