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As a Solo Queue Player, Storm League is awful. My Paper Submission why, potential solutions:

HeroesoftheStorm 5 - As a Solo Queue Player, Storm League is awful. My Paper Submission why, potential solutions:

TL;DR five stacks suck to play against, bottom for potential solutions. If you read the whole essay, please grade me with at least a B.

Advisory: This is coming from the perspective of a pure solo queue Hero League player since pre season who has been master every season since it was a thing. Take words with caution, and don't rip my head off for disagreeing.


As a solo queue only player, game quality is pretty terrible this season, as we've all found. Whether it's from players misplacing from gold/silver hero league with platinum TL being placed in Diamond, people boosting with their friends in team league in previous seasons, or even GMs being put into low platinum after placements, this preseason has felt awful.


For a lot of solo queue players, ranking up in this season has been horrific. The only way to do it consistently is to get a group of 5 and coordinate gameplay to a level that is somewhat reliable. Why is that? Because, at least in NA prime time, making a 5 stack is going to match you against a group of randoms that you can slam consistently. This isn't a problem for lower ranks (bronze – gold, where coordination wouldn't make much of a difference), but for platinum+, regularly, I play against teams that are stacking 5 players through ranks ranging through platinum through master, or low diamonds with grandmasters. This is, of course, with a group of 5 random mid diamond solo queue players that they put on my team. Btw, next game same teams.


As a solo queue player, this is incredibly frustrating. At higher levels of play, communication and team synchronization is such an incredible tool that imbalances games, if you match people with relatively equal MMR. I've played against people who are visibly worse than me in mechanics and skill, only to be carried by superior shot calling, superior coordination via 5 man hard camp invasions, and ganks.

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The difference in gameplay of 5 random solo players in the average MMR level of a group with high level players with slightly lower skilled players who are willing to team up with them and coordinate is massive.


Even when Blizzard hides who is stacking up in the loading screen, you can tell by rank disparities that you're against a grouped team. And Blizzard, if you're reading, don't try to hide the ranks either, because it's obvious when you're up against a stack when the enemies coordinate high risk plays against your team consistently due to their coordination.

Enough Baby Raging about the problem, here are some solutions from different perspectives that we can pick out that works best:


Playing against 5 stacks sucks entirely, I just want to play against solo players.

Blizzard should create a dynamic queue, that allows the players who vehemently hate playing against groups a check mark option that lets them solo enter a solo queue exclusive pool. Players who don't check mark the option, and just want fast games could be matched into solo queue games or premade games. This would increase the queue times, but it's better than people quitting over the imbalance.


I don't care about playing against 5 stacks often, but losing near 200 rank points for such a badly match made game.

Playing against 5 stacks as a solo queue player should just be a game with some amount of loss forgiveness. Favored adjustments shouldn't just be -15 points. Kick that number up to -100 or even more, so if you have to play against the same 5 stack team 2 times in a row, you're not losing near an entire rank over it. I know that I wouldn't feel as angry about the loss, knowing I didn't lose as much as if it were a legitimately balanced game.


I don't care about losing 200 rank points for a game, I just don't want to face the same team over and over again.

Well, just make it so you can't face the same 5 stack more than once a day.

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In conclusion, I'd really like Blizzard to do something about Storm League currently being Stomp League for 5 mans against solo queue players. Thank you, and have a good day.

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