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At this point, we all should accept that not everybody can be happy with any hero release, no matter who they are

HeroesoftheStorm 8 - At this point, we all should accept that not everybody can be happy with any hero release, no matter who they are

Let's be clear here: with new heroes twice a year, it is downright impossible to make everybody happy. There will always be a reason for somebody to complain: "I think this other character -who's coincidentally one of my favourites- is more iconic". "This other universe has been neglected for so long". "I don't think this hero is relevant enough/saw enough action". You can basically give a reason for almost any character being a subpar option.

Hogger? Come on, He's not that memorable or important. Give us Grom.

Grom? Come on. We have a lot of orcs warriors. Give us Azshara.

Azshara? Come on. A character that was a no-show until a recent WoW expansion. Give us Vashj.

Vashj? Come on. Another Warcraft mage? StarCraft needs the rub. Give us Mengsk.

Mengsk? Come on. He's not a fighter and we haven't had a zerg in ages. Give us hydralisk.

Hydralisk? Come on. A mindless zerg unit who's also Zagara's summon. Give us the Overmind.

Overmind? Come on. He's just a sitting brain and his mechanics would be non-interactive. Give us Zurvan.

Zurvan? Come on. We already have a primal zerg and this one is just a mini-boss in a single map. Not enough zergs. Give us Selendis.

Selendis? Come on. She has done basically nothing ever. Give us…


Well, I think you get the point. You can keep going and make up a reason so 99.5% of the options are suboptimal. The reality is so much simpler: the fanbase of the Blizzard games is big and diverse. Every person has wildly different preferences and expectations. Any named character will have thousands of people saying "I would rather have this other character I like more (but since I can't admit that the true reason, I'll say this other character is way more iconic, more appropiate or would be more fun to play)".

I think that, at this point, we all should accept that we can't get our personal favourites everytime. That's just not possible. See. I'm a huge StarCraft fan. Maybe even more than a Warcraft fan. And I'm definitely more of a SC player than a WoW player. But there's no point in getting worked up. If it ends up being Hogger, I'm sincerely excited to see what have the devs made for us. I don't even remind him but, ey, a lot of people actually wanted him, and gnolls are cool. I don't think the devs have forgotten about StarCraft or even Classic. It's just not the right time for them. Let's be patient and enjoy the next hero! And remember: just because you would have preferred another character (again, I wouldn't put Hogger in any of my personal wishlists), it doesn't mean they are a bad option.

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