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Auriel is really weak and I’ll explain.

HeroesoftheStorm 7 - Auriel is really weak and I'll explain.

I absolutely love how she looks and her concept, and I was really eager to buy her, until I tried her out. Most of her abilities and talents have severe faults in them and make her exceptionally difficult to play well.

Let's start with the most important. Her limitation in healing only after engaging in combat. I know what some of you will say – you can farm mobs and use Energetic cord to gain energy. But we all know that mobs and camps are farmed outside of the safety of your walls and towers. In order to farm them you have to get in a lane where 90% of the time there will be 2+ enemies trying to kill you. That's taking a huge risk JUST to give a frigging heal to your already low in health teammates, when all the other healers require is some mana, which btw they can get simply by using the fountain (which is BEHIND their towers and walls) or recalling. Guess what, you can't do ANY of these as Auriel. You have to watch your teammates desperately trying to land a hit or two on the enemies, which are about 4 at that time WITH a huge objective enemy on their side just to give YOU some energy to heal them with! Yeah, good luck with that. THIS is why I never see anyone play Auriel anymore and Auriel has such a low win-rate all the time.

I'm not finished yet. EVERYTIME you heal (and you better heal 1+ person, and they WILL group together for you, only to watch them get clobbered even worse by a group AOE ability of the enemy such as Kael'Thas and Azmodan) you will SPEND ALL of your energy. Yes, all of it. Do you know any other healers spending ALL of their mana with a single heal? Then you've gotta wait a couple secs until you can give another heal, and that's assuming you or your teammates can safely attack something without getting clobbered. No energy regen over time, nothing. Energetic cord is NOT ENOUGH.


Oh and btw, dear fellow HotS player, blizzard expects you to place your hero in a perfect position in every team fight just to give them a little stun by making sure you knock them ON A WALL. Good luck going all the way around your frigging enemies as if you were a darn tank to push them perfectly onto a wall. Otherwise the knockback ability is mediocre. Until level 16 or so you can only knock back a SINGLE enemy.

Using Resurrect will most of the time entail you staying between 3 or 4 enemies to give your teammate a rez and then dying miserably because you didn't flee instead, or abandoning your alive teammates in order to go back and rez the dead person, or the person who comes back to life dying AGAIN after being rezzed because they tried to help when they've only got 1/4th of their hp and will probably be behind enemy lines onto the bum of a butcher, garrosh, alarak, illidan, varian and I dunno who else.

And what is up with her incredibly short range? Since when is Auriel a frigging melee to have to go into melee range to attack???? Are you crazy Blizzard?!

Anyway, Blizzard you have taken a hero that was made with such love, and ruined it.

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