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Auriel rework Ideas! There is always hope!

HeroesoftheStorm 7 - Auriel rework Ideas! There is always hope!

Hello everyone,

I had a some ideas for some new and fresh talents for Auriel, I wanted to share. She's kinda in a weak spot right now because she is super team dependent for energy, can't heal poke. One of her ultimates nearly never sees play and her talents are pretty onesided.

Since I'm not good with nice names, I just call it 'new talent'. 🙂

Baseline: Radius of Scared Sweep increased by 15% (= Majestic Span baseline)

Tier 1

– Empathic link -> moved from lvl 7

– Energized cord -> moved from lvl 7

– Glimmer of hope -> moved from lvl 7

New effect: Auriel now passively gains 25 energy per second as long as no one has her trait.

– Swift Sweep – removed. This is mainly to make up for the higher base radius, so it doesn't become too powerful / easy.

Comment: So first of all I wanted the 7 talents to come earlier, because she always felt kinda incomplete to me before. At the same time I wanted to adress one of Auriels major problems which is healing long range poke. Basicly your team takes dmg without doing much, so as Auriel this a huge problem cause you don't get energy. If you have a good front and can attack safely you can still go for energized cord or empathic link. This talent gives her a half heal every 10 seconds, which is way less than in fight. It also encourages to acitvely use your trait and not just put it on 1 person and leave it there.

Tier 2

– Increasing clarity -> moved from lvl 1

Now only needs 20 (25 before) heroes to be hit for the same dmg. This is simply to adjust that it comes a bit later in game.

– Righteous Assualt -> moved from lvl 1, unchanged

– Heavy burden – unchanged

– Majestic Span – removed, made baseline

Tier 3

– repeated offense – unchanged, moved from lvl 4

– piercing lash – moved from lvl 13

New effect: Still makes E pierce but no longer reduces the cd. Quest: Stun 2 (3?) enemy heroes with a single Detainment strike. Reward: after being stunned from detainment strike enemy heroes also lose 20 armor for 2 seconds.

– Searing light – moved from lvl 1, unchanged


– Crystal Aegis – Additonally makes the target unstoppable for 2 seconds after the aegis expired. I often see this heroic used like an emergency heal, which is not the best way to use it. It should be used to deny dmg in the first place e.g. a person standing in a jaina ROF or a butcher ultimate. But even if you use it really well, it can still often be used as a setup for the enemy team. The 2 seconds of unstoppable should help to at least doesn't set up for some stun lock.

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– Shield of hope – moved from lvl 20

Now grants a shield for 60% of the missing health. Shield of hope is really powerful and making it a heroic so it comes earlier gives Auriel now a good alternative to deal with strong aoe dmg while crystal aegis helps against single target lock down / burst.

– Ressurect – moved to lvl 20

Tier 4


– Blinding flash – unchanged

– new talent

Hitting Enemies with the center of Swift Sweep reduces enemy heroes spell power for 20% for 2 seconds

– new talent

Healing an allied hero also grant them 10% movement speed for 2 seconds.

– Angelic flight – moved from lvl 20,cd increased to 60s, I always found this talent to be good but very unimpactful for how late it comes to the game

Basicly this shall be an utitlity tier that lets you reduce the enemy dmg if you can safely do so or help your team with some movement speed or even get global.

Tier 5

– Reservoir of hope – unchanged

– new talent – healing at least 2 heroes with Ray of heaven reduces the cooldown of your next ray of heaven by 1 (2?) second.

– new talent – Bestow Hope (Trait) also gives your allied hero 10 (20?) Armor.

The idea with this talent tier is to either give you: stronger burst heal with Reservoir but not immeditately, more sustained healing with the reduced cd or more protection to encourage your allies. Moving your trait around for the armor could also give some really cool synergies if you went for empathic link. It also once again encourages to acitvely use your trait and can help allied dive heroes.

I removed the dmg talents since the higher AA barely helps and although the spell power is great it doesnt actually help you healing. If your mage / battery is good / lands a combo you more often are capped on energy anyway in my expierence.

Tier 6

– Resurrect – functionality unchanged, CD increased to 120s. You are now always resurrected at Auriels current position. Moved from lvl 10

Since you can now have powerful heroics from lvl 10 on this is basicly a malthael 20 / ktz pyhlactery that can really turn a late game fight or make up for a mistake from an allied which is why I increased the cd. To help not making the target getting insta killed again, I added the "teleport" to Auriel position so you can actively impact it.

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– Diamond resolve – unchanged

– new talent – Increase the shield amount from shield of hope to 80% of the missing health but increase the cooldown by 30 seconds.

– new talent – give an allied hero 20% more spell power as long as they and Auriel are alive. 60s reactivation time. If Auriel dies all blessings (?) are lost. Using the ability again will split the spell power. This means if you use it on hero A , he gets 20% but using it again on a second hero reduces it to 10% for each of the two! So you can choose if you give everyone 5% or just encourage 1 or 2!

Okay! That's it! Would love to hear some feedback and I hope that maybe one or two ideas find their way into the nexus to help our favorite Angel of hope! I always found her playstyle very active and rewarding and I think some of those talents should help that while also keeping a high skill cap. Also: love to hear your ideas for cool talent names 😀

Thanks for reading!

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