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AZ Jackson: MOBAs reward players with power for scoring points while still requiring comeback potential

HeroesoftheStorm 9 - AZ Jackson: MOBAs reward players with power for scoring points while still requiring comeback potential


Some of you might have missed this particular comment because it was posted later (I know I did) and I think it deserves a separate thread.

"An interesting concept that we talk about a lot is how MOBAs inherently have conflicting goals in the experience they want to give to the player. Players inherently want the best teams to win, and games to be fair and have comeback potential, but MOBAs are unique in that they effectively give the winning team more power as the game goes on. This is like if when you scored a point in basketball then you grew a few inches taller, making it easier to cross the court and score consecutive points. There are strong fantasy reasons to do this (MOBAs are largely based on old school RPG’s where you grow stronger over time), but it makes it hard to balance, and often leads to circular logic when it comes to finding solutions."

Personally, I felt it was a bit pointless when they reduced the losing team's level difference with the winning team, because you couldn't really be much stronger than the enemy team anymore. If levels don't matter most of the time, you might as well start the game at level 20 with all the talents unlocked.

Reducing the level difference also puts the pressure on the winning team. If you can't snowball early game, late game timers punish you more. Even if you're consistently winning all game you have to end early. One mistake in the late game and the death timers give your enemies all the time in the world to take both your keep and your core. In other words late game points count more than early game points unlike the sports I know (I do admit I don't know many). It doesn't matter if you've been playing consistently well and you've killed the enemies multiple times taking all forts and even some keeps. Let's say each building counts as one point. You can be 5-1, but late game timers can make it so the enemies can win 3-5 (one fort, one keep and the core). This is why I like Alterac cores. If a team wants to win they actually have to play consistently well; well enough to kill multiple structures and then the core.


Let's ignore the death timers and the Alterac cores for a while (even though I think they were a step in the right direction). In my mind cores can be considered problematic. In other sports each point has the same value. In HotS you only win if you destroy the core. Destroying other buildings gives a strategic advantage, but it doesn't give you the win. Players in general, especially lower league players, rarely try to hit the core because it does too much damage. They prefer hitting other structures. What if the cores had more hp but less damage, so they would take more time to kill but they wouldn't be a repellent all early and mid game? You rarely see teams going for the core unless they are sure they will destroy it (and lower league players constantly misjudge their ability to end the game so games go on for ages). If cores had less damage and more hp, players that had already taken a fort and a keep would hit the core in their "free time" to gradually work towards the long-term goal of destroying it. If the enemies respawned they would retreat again. I suggest removing or reducing the shield too so that it doesn't discourage multiple attempts. For this solution to work the damage would need to stick. Cores would still not die in the early game because of scaling. It's not easy to do 60k dmg with early game numbers, but it's easy to do it with level 20 scaling and completed quests. The important thing is that you wouldn't be punished and have your time wasted if you tried to damage it earlier.

What do you guys think about Jackson's comment and about late game death timers and the cores? I recently watched Digtic (former Dignitas and Fnatic players) destroy cores at like level 15 and I was reminded of how much pro games differ from my SL games (even Master), where players just don't want to go for the core. I know I would personally like to see something done about this reluctance.

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