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Azmodan needs some kind of attention.

HeroesoftheStorm 3 - Azmodan needs some kind of attention.

Firstly I must say, that I really don't like that Azmodan is just "The Q-Stack hero". I don't think that this design is in any way in harmony with how heroes are designed nowdays.

I very much prefer the way you guys do it now. Multiple viable builds, different paths and playstyles. More choice, more freedom, different roles for different builds. It's a real great way to design a hero.

Now that being said, Azmodan unarguably is the exact opposite of that philosophy. I get that he was reworked before this new philosophy was adopted, but that doesn't mean we can't rework him again.

I want Azmodan to have more identity than just "stack your Q". To give an example of what I would like to see the return of his superb pushing potential.

Now, I don't know if many of you remember this, but Azmodan used to have an E-build that outranged structures. I understand why it had to go, it was just way too frustrating for the enemy to deal with. But that together with his old demonic invasion (the demons not being on a timer) and his old demonic leutnant made him a siege and push machine. Maybe that could be built into making a W build? Some sort of demon based build, that focuses more on his summons than himself?

In any way, I want that push potential to return. I'd also like to see a viable E build, something that makes him better at 1v1.

The old E build was not on a timer, it could run indefinitely, meaning if you went that build (with the healing at lvl 13), Azmodan could not be fought 1v1 by heroes without CC. Now that is a bit too powerful, I agree, but still.


The theme here is options, and different playstyles. If you want your Q-stacks, keep them, if you want. If you like being the Q-stack hero, that's a path you should be able to take.

But I want more choice in playstyles. Do you want more single target damage? Maybe the E-Build would be good. You want more reliabe waveclear, or siege potential? Maybe the demon build would be good for you?

I'm sure an auto attack build could be woven into there somewhere.

Until we could see such a rework, I'd like to give a few improvements, that could be done to current Azmodan, to ease the pain a bit.

Firstly, if you want Azmodan to be the Q-Stack hero, then you should give him the tools to actually and reliably get those stacks by himself quick enough to matter. Something that is impossible if you don't have at least 200 stacks and take Tides of Sin at lvl 10. Increase the damage to minions baseline maybe?

Secondly, his E could maybe heal himself baseline, and not just at the explosion.

Increase the duration of his demonic leutnant, or make CD redution on his demons baseline.

Maybe make the demons from demonic invasion a bit weaker, but not on a timer again?

These should just be band-aids until Azmodan could get a rework. I hope you guys have him on the radar. I'm really sad at the state my favorite Lord of Sin is in right now.

In any case, thanks for reading and cheers!

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