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Azmodan Q Range & Zagara Nydus Suggestions

HeroesoftheStorm 7 - Azmodan Q Range & Zagara Nydus Suggestions

I adore the changes to these two in the last patch, and Azmodan in particular should be far more intriguing. Try the laser build, it's fun!

Anyway, I'd like to take the chance to get out some thoughts I've had.

TL;DR: Azmodan has dull aspects in his kit and Zagara may never be healthy without reducing Nydus' PvE power. Adding Azmo's Q range in a different talent and removing/halving the non-heroic cd reduction of Nydus can help.


Being unable to increase Q range doesn't bother me, but there's an opportunity to spruce up the variety in Azmo's kit a bit, which can end up rather basic.

  • Idea 1: Nerf the dominant Art of Chaos slightly and passively add the range as a reward for hitting 3 or 4 heroes at once. It bugs me that despite being the strongest in its tier, this is the least interesting talent mechanically.
  • Idea 2: Add range active-style into the woefully bland (for a heroic) Tide of Sin. It's just a damage bonus… It has a slightly lower winrate than Demonic Invasion, albeit far more popular, so it should be just right.
  • Ideas 3+4: Or just add it in Bombardment or (nerfed) Demonic Invasion. It's good for build diversity when all the buffs for an ability don't fall into one talent at a time.


  • Remove or halve Nydus' cd reduction against non-heroes. That'd be a big blow, so she can have the cd reduction buffed to .5 seconds, less charge cd, higher max Worm count, dunno. Should still reduce her winrate, which would also address the devs' fears of her latest buffs making her OP, too.
  • Add a passive buff to Maw to mirror Nydus' passive Creep radius bonus, like more basic attack range on Creep.
  • As an extra thought, she could nerfed overall and have part of Nydus baseline vs heroes. Like .25 cd reduction vs heroes on Creep. Nydus would buff that and add the worms, but the idea of offensive PvP expansion would be baseline for her gameplay.


Anyway. Simply put, Nydus is a massive thorn in Zagara's design. I've been playing Nydus before her initial rework made it OP and nerfed again and again and again and again and even then the heroic was good, albeit nearly never picked as the 'game-winning Maw' overshadowed it. Tons of nerfs later, Nydus retains a significantly higher winrate and popularity despite its nerfs and Maw's buffs.

Nydus Network is one of the best-designed heroics in the game in terms of gameplay and fantasy. Makes Zag feel like a conqueror. Adds PvP damage, utility in form of transport and healing, but also sooo much PvE power it overshadows the rest. The problem is, if you nerf the heroic overall, you don't address the PvE vs 'everything else' balance. So you're less a conqueror and more a sneaky demolition expert.

This isn't Starcraft where every enemy is controlled by another player. When the emphasis is on you spamming keys on towers, minions and mercs, earning your map dominance that way, eeeh… Zagara also has loads of PvE power baseline and ain't a bad camper at all. The global mobility, the power to push or get a camp and get to a lane or objective quickly, or escape an enemy you saw coming with your vision, these don't need more PvE added.

Edit: I should clarify that even before Nydus had cd reduction Zag would pick Battle Momentum and spam abilities that way. My point is she still has a lot of pushing power baseline, even more with Nydus' utility.

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