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Back to Masters after changing main role

HeroesoftheStorm 4 - Back to Masters after changing main role

Hi guys!

There are a lot of people posting their experience being stuck on a rank and I wanted to share my own and how I got out. I climbed from plat to masters playing mostly healers, solo laners and some specific assassins (falstad, raynor, jaina) on Hero League years ago, getting at 3k points most I think. Almost never played tank on ranked, only when necessary. After Storm League came I spent most of the time stuck in Diamond, going as low as "demotion match" to Plat. The reason for that I believe was:

1- New main role: Started to learn to play tank in ranked, because since medallion most people have been avoiding this role and I started to enjoy it. Also, people filling for tank can really ruin the match. It took me a while to get it together, with the last 2 or 3 season with negative or low positive winrate with this role;

2- Bruiser meta: for a long time I was main bruiser and at that time seemed like nobody wanted to play it. For a while now that is not the case. I am still able to play bruiser because of 2-3 bruiser comps, but mostly I am required (and I also enjoy it now) to play tank.

3- Smurfs Parties: this was a big issue in the beggining of storm league for me. Not only it was bad to face diamond+ playing in a Gold account, this was getting in my head and I was already entering games with a "already lost" mentalitty. Add in that I was learning to main a new role, and losses started to stack.

4- Losing draft: the meta during this time was bad for some of the heroes I played and I started to get too "cute" on draft, selecting heroes that I had low experience using in/against comps that had no sinergy.

I consider myself bad mechanically when comparing to other diamond and low master players. Think I compensate that with good rotations, soak and decision making. I used to play very cautious (as healer and solo main, you are always scared of dive/being ganked), so I believe I also have above avarage map awareness.


After I learned the tank role better, I believe those skills helped me climb from Diamond 4 to 33 points Master at a 58% winrate (65% as tank). Played only solo in Latam server.

A few leassons I learned: 1- Tanking is a total new beast: to walking on bushes, scouting enemy team and knowing when/Who/how to engage, it takes a lot of time to learn. Don't expect to get on your own fast. You will be insta deleted and do bad engages, but eventually you will minimize the big mistakes.

2- Be agressive: As tank I normally do 1-3 really bad engages every match. But the ones I do that are good normally put my team in great advantage. I used to be very reactive as tanks and that was making my team lose, specially late game team fights. And early game I used to be on lane soaking instead of scouting. I started to get agressive and initially was not very good, but at least I learned more what I could or couldn't do without being punished by enemy team.

3-See replay: Normally I don't understand how some engages went wrong during matches. It helped me a lot, specially with Diablo, looking at replays and checking what I could have done different. This is something that i recommend to everyone playing every role.

4- Dont tilt: You can win with bad drafts. You can win with trolls. You can win 2-3 levels bellow. Just keep looking for oportunities to get back/win the game, all the time.

Playing since beta, it was very surprising and fun to get a new main role after so many years. Hope this post motivate some of the people stuck in their respective ranks.

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