Heroes of the Storm

Back when one of HoTS’ greatest assets was the short match times.

HeroesoftheStorm 8 - Back when one of HoTS' greatest assets was the short match times.

Sunday night. One of the few pockets of time during a week in which me and my brother have contiguous free time to play heroes of the storm. We just spent ~2:30 hours 'playing' Heroes. We started around 21:00 and it is around 23:30 right now. We played three matches. That's 50 minutes per match. We couldn't even get to play a fourth match, because two consecutive times, we got the "a player you were matched with cancelled the search" message after waiting for a lot of minutes.

More so, these are the compositions we queued as, sure I was in a specialist moood, but my brother was using "tanks" and healers:

  • Murky – Tyrael
  • Azmodan – Morales
  • Azmodan – Morales
  • Murky – kharazim (couldn't play).

50 minutes per match. That's just so hard to believe when the game's main asset, key feature, one thing that was consistently talked about positively when people discussed this game was that matches didn't have to take as much time as the competitor's games.


Sure, anecdotal evidence. But I just find it very concerning.

To the people who you are enjoying the changes: That's cool, but try timing how long your game sesions are in comparison to the amount of games you get to play. Feel free to post your data in case it completely contradicts my anectodal evidence. it would definitely be nice to have data on how qM is going as a whole. Try making an estimate of how many games you'd have played in the same amount of time under the old rules it might surprise you to find how many less matches we've been playing.

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