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Basic Attack Inconsistencies

HeroesoftheStorm 10 - Basic Attack Inconsistencies

So, as a disclaimer, I tested these against AI in try mode, and trying to first convince an enemy AI Varian to parry, and then time a shot to hit him during the parry while he's standing on minions is a major pain, so I didn't bother to test everything I thought of. Many other heroes have similar abilities to what I tested, and they may work just as randomly, I don't really know.

Anyway, the subject at hand is what happens when you take talents that buff your auto attacks, usually to cleave, and sometimes to do spell damage. I'll start with the changes I would like to see to address this, and put the reasoning / data below.

-Kel'Thuzard's chilling touch should hit Sgt. Hammer's mines, or at least one of them.
-Splash missiles should still do damage if their target dies, specifically KTZ's chilling touch and Fenix's phase bomb.
-Splash attacks should be able to be parried, but not dodged. Blinds should still stop them.
-Splash attacks that are parried should all still hit targets around the main target, again specifically KTZ's chilling touch and Fenix's phase bomb.
-Basic attacks that count as spell damage should not be able to be dodged or parried, as they should count as spells, but blinds should still work. *I feel like this is an issue that could be contended and debated.
-Attacks that heal based on damage done should heal against Chen's stagger, and I'm not sure if they should heal versus protected targets (though I do like that they do).
-Attacks that proc additional effects should still proc if the main attack is dodged, specifically KTZ's chilling touch and Orphea's dead magic, both AoEs that would affect others nearby if the main target weren't dodging.

Here is what I've actually tested:

Splash attacks, when your target dies before your missile reaches them:
KTZ's chilling touch still fires, but doesn't hit anything. Even though it would have splashes, nothing takes damage, but the buff is consumed, and wasted.
Fenix's Phase Bomb does the same thing: If the target dies, the missile launches, and disappears, doing no damage.
Mephisto's Shard of Hate is instant, and does not have this problem.

Splash attacks versus evading / parrying enemies:
KTZ's Chilling Touch, if parried or dodged, does no damage to the main target, or any target around it.
Fenix's Phase Bomb, if parried or dodged, does no damage to the main target, or any target around it.
Mephisto's Shard of Hate, if parried or dodged, does hit targets around the main target, though still does no damage to the main target.


Splash attacks near evading / parrying enemies:
KTZ's chilling touch will damage someone who is parrying if the main target is something else, and the parrying target is in range. I suppose when the attack lands it casts a spell, and as such bypasses evasion. My guess is that Orphea's dead magic works the same way, but I haven't tested.
Fenix's phase bomb will not hit someone who is parrying or dodging, even if the main target is someone else. It won't say "dodged" or "parried", but they don't take damage.
Mephisto's shard of hate will not do damage near your main target if they are dodging or parrying, but it will show you a "dodge" or "parry" text.

Basic Attacks as spell damage:
KTZ's chilling touch does spell damage, yet it can still be dodged. This seems weird, as it is now a spell.
Orphea's dead magic also deals bonus spell damage. This also does nothing if the attack is dodged.

Healing from basic attacks:
I didn't not test Illidan or Hammer for this.
KTZ's chilling touch counts as spell damage, and so heals him with full phylactery stacks. This healing is slightly reduced by spell armor as you'd expect, and is negated when dodged.
Orphea's dead magic does not heal. Her trait heals based on attack damage. Your attacks deal bonus spell damage. This is still attack damage, and should heal you, but doesn't.
Moreover, for Orphea (and I assume this holds true of KTZ but I did not fully test it), if your attack is dodged or parried, or you are blinded, you get no healing. Note that this still consumes your Chaos (or chilling touch for KTZ). However, if your target is protected, and you're still doing zero damage, you get healing. On top of this, if Chen is using stagger, and you aren't technically doing damage now but it will count as damage later, you don't get any healing.
I did not test Hammer or Illidan or Varian, but my guess is that their results will be similar.

Versus Hammer's Mines:
Kel Thuzad's Chilling Touch at seven makes your basic attack splash once every eight seconds, and be spell damage. When using this attack to hit one of Sgt. Hammer's mines, the attack buff gets consumed, but the mine is undamaged. I think this is the only interaction I've found that does this; I thought possibly because it does spell damage, but Li Ming's cannoneer talent still kills them.
Mephisto's shard of hate, despite in all other ways acting like separate attacks, will kill one Hammer mine, but not splash to others. Attacking a mine will splash to other things, but other things will not splash to mines.

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