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Battlegrounds Art Evolution

HeroesoftheStorm 10 - Battlegrounds Art Evolution

hi, i think the ways of making maps have changed and evolved over the time.

you can notcie from the maps that revealed in 2014 the heroes team used the same minions in every map and also the same camps but with small changes that fit the fantasy of the realm, in Raven Court dark and gothic, in King's Crest something like high fantasy and in Mistharbor sea and pirates.

File:Siege Giant - Battlegrounds Art Evolution

here an example for this small changes in models to fit the realm

also the environment and the buildings change for each realm

><noscript><img src= - Battlegrounds Art Evolution

in the start of the next year (2015) we seen some changes in the art style when we introduced to the realm of Luxoria.

new minions models, the sige giant and the knight also have new models, and different environment for each of the 2 battleground.

at the end of the same year we got other 2 battlegrounds but this time we didn't go to one of the Nexus realms but to one of Blizzard Franchise realm, the Diablo universe.

like the Luxoria maps everything new but there is small change you can notice in this new battlegrounds, the blue and the red team have different type of minions.

2016 was the Starcraft year we got SC battlegrounds with new models nothing big have changed here maybe a different type of boss for each map but also the Diablo maps have different type of objective that work like the boss.

2017 is the year of Overwatch, like the last 2 years we got 2 Overwatch battleground, but there is major change here because this is the 1st time we got 2 battlegrounds from the same realm with different assets for almost everything from environments, minions, some of the camps …

2018 we got the last Battleground and it was from the Warcraft universe, Alteract pass had some new things other than new models for environments, minions, camps …,

in this battleground the Core now is a Boss, a character from the warcraft games, this is not the 1st time we seen a game character used as map mechanic, the headless horseman is also warcraft character who used for Towers of Doom battleground.

also the minions in this map look different, i know we had different minions in Diablo battlegrounds but here they look very different and they also use different weapons.

let not forget that in this battleground the sige machine replace it with sige minion but this is more design thing than art philosophy change, what i mean by that ?


in the 1st year's of this game the art team didn't want to go crazy, they kept the same minions models for all the battlegrounds and did small changes for the camps, but in way that kept every type of camp noticeble so the player don't get confused, and over the years they start to try and test new things and i think now after they success to give the 3 last battlegrounds thier own assets without confusing the players i think now they have more freedom in making or revamping battlegrounds.

now to the question:

what do you prefare, the old or the new ways of making battlegrounds ? (keep the assets of the maps very close to eachother or go crazy and creative with map design ?)

for me as someone who love art i will love to see new and different ways of making maps for sure in both art and design because i love to explore the nexus and see all this different worlds and i will love to see more Nexus lore like what we did with Orphea but let not talk about that because it will need other post …

Some Suggetion's and Idea's

now we talked about the Battlegrounds art Evolution i want to talk about how can future battlegrounds or revamped old ones art can be done or changed based on the realm.

for old battlegrounds maybe minions camps … can represent more the realm like for example:

in Mistharbor and that mean Blackheart's Bay maybe the minions represent more the area of America Revolutionary War and maybe add 2 new leader announcer maybe characters to represent each side, so in story this 2 nation are in war and they pay to blackheart to help them, maybe the camps are pirates and when you kill them they become undead pirates and things like that.

for more idea's like that here an old post i made talking about revamp maps idea (note i made some mistakes in that post, now i don't like my GoT revamp ideas, and many of my camp's idea make no sense)

now lets talk about new battlegrounds, i will love to see new environments for the new battlegrounds like the icy mountain of Alterac i will love to see huge forest (maybe ashenvale ?) and there is many other type of environments we can explore.

talking about Alterac i will love to see some lore characters even from the Nexus made it as a game mechanic (core, boss, objective) because after all not every Blizzard character can make it as a hero to the nexus, maybe the Gnoll sige minions in Alterac can be
Tauren and Draenei brutes and i am still waiting for the 2nd warcraft battleground :p

i also want to return to the nexus worlds and mybe explore Qhira world and things like that.

if you made it to the end i want to thank you for reading this post and i want to know you opinion about this subject.

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