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Before his numbers get adjusted in the next balance patch, here are some tweaks to Gazlowe’s kit which should be considered.

HeroesoftheStorm 4 - Before his numbers get adjusted in the next balance patch, here are some tweaks to Gazlowe's kit which should be considered.

Xplodium Range

For the first two years of Gazlowe's time in the Nexus, his Xplodium had a short range, and the devs increased it substantially upon his rework in 2017. This was a huge quality of life change for Gazlowe, because it allowed him to cast it without putting himself in danger of getting swamped by the enemy frontline.

Xplodium once again has a short range. The problem now isn't that Gazlowe is going to be murdered for casting it (he's tanky now), but that you think you're close enough to cast it and then… you don't. While I've mostly adjusted to the range for casting Combos, it's still a pain when I'm swerving in and out of combat against enemies in a skirmish.

Suggestion: Increase Xplodium range by 20%.


Locked Deth Lazor

Gazlowe's new and improved Deth Lazor locks him into place for 0.65 seconds. In that time, he cannot move, adjust the aim, or cancel the ability.

Being locked place while casting Deth Lazor is annoying, and is counterintuitive to the way the Lazor has functioned since HotS began. The old Deth Lazor allowed him to aim the laser, charge it indefinitely, or cancel the cast. The new Lazor is very easy to fire the wrong direction entirely when you're doing something as simple as clearing minions.

If I were to hazard a guess, I think that the reason Gazlowe gets locked into place while he casts Deth Lazor is because it gives him counterplay. Like Orphea's > or Qhira's >, the Lazor can be dodged.

I would argue that there's a big difference between those abilities and Deth Lazor, however, which is that landing those abilities has a far greater impact. Although Deth Lazor's damage is approximately the same as Shadow Waltz, it doesn't give the instant cooldown and speed boosts that Orphea gets, and it isn't nearly as dangerous as getting locked onto by Qhira's blade. Deth Lazor isn't in the same league as these abilities.


Suggestion: free Gazlowe to aim the Lazer while charging. He'll still be locked in place, presumably unable to move or cancel the ability, which should be a happy medium between giving Gaz counterplay and making his basic ability far less annoying to use.


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle trait

I'm not sure what the point of the scrap mechanic is anymore, other than the fact that without it, Gazlowe has no trait. In any case, it serves virtually zero purpose. Scrap only lasts for 5 seconds, which makes picking up most of it difficult. More to the point, picking up scrap isn't worth it anyway, because the benefit has been cut by approximately 90%. Gazlowe players who go around picking up scrap thinking it's beneficial are wasting their time when they could be doing what Gazlowe is now designed for: constant engagement.

Salvager's functionality has been all but removed, and it's time to finish the job. It only significantly impacts one aspect of Gazlowe's kit: a single talent at level 20. This talent (>) could be reworked to say something as simple as: "Reduce the cooldown of Rock-It! Turret to 2 seconds," or "Reduce the cooldown of turrets by 1 second for every auto attack." This is fairly close to what it does right now. If Gazlowe is going to be resource independent, there's little sense in having him still rely on scrap for one talent which affects one ability at the end game.

Suggestion: eliminate the trait, and rebalance Gazlowe accordingly.


Thanks for reading.

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