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Best picks in ARAM Brawls: Tier list + Talents.

HeroesoftheStorm 1 - Best picks in ARAM Brawls: Tier list + Talents.

ARAM mean the brawls Lost Caverns, Silver City, and Braxis Outpost.

This is just based on a few hundred games and having played pretty much every hero in the game. Heroes listed are in no particular order. Note: everythings under tier 1 is pretty close together in terms of power. It also depends a lot on how good you are with a particular hero, of course. I would love some feedback!

Tier 1 Warriors: Click on the names to open their talent build.

  • leoric#gOwm - Best picks in ARAM Brawls: Tier list + Talents.Leoric – His W makes him pretty unstoppable late game. Especially on 20, he can wreck teamfights completely solo with his ultimate upgrade. (Note that the March of the Black king upgrade applies a talented version of Drain Hope, not an untalented). His biggest weakness is against high burst teams with many ranged assassins.
  • Diablo – Just a really good tank. Pulling people in the teamfights and having decent healing makes Diablo a beast in Aram. His extreme health pool with fountains make him a great engager. (Note: Both ultimates and any level 20 talent is okay)
  • Dehaka – Most people dislike Dehaka in ARAM, but his his level 4 and 7 talent give him almost infinite Essence in teamfights. This makes him a huge target dummy, which he can survive with Adaptation. Dehaka's biggest weakness is also many ranged assassins, where he can't properly gain Essence with Dark Swarm.

Tier 2 Warriors:

Tier 3 Warriors (these are still very good warriors if you don't have one):

  • Yrel
  • Imperius
  • Artanis
  • Stitches
  • Johanna
  • Muradin

Bad Warriors:

  • D.Va
  • Rexxar
  • Chen
  • Anub'arak
  • Sonya


Tier 1 Assassins:

  • Zul'jin – (
    zuljin#oUI1 - Best picks in ARAM Brawls: Tier list + Talents.Alternative full AA Build
    ) Pretty certain he is the strongest hero in ARAM.If at all possible: If someone has Zul'jin in draft, then draft your team around Zul'jin to let him carry. Many of his abilities scale infinitely, and just steamrolls out of control. Almost impossible to win against in the late-game. But when you are ahead against a Zul'jin, he becomes much less good. Many people go for a full W (twin cleave) build, but I've found his AA abilities on 13 and 16 to be MUCH better in almost every case.
  • Mephisto – (Alternative Lightning Nova Build) Requires a pretty good skill level, but his damage is very good and just harrasses teams to infinity. His weakness is very strong AoE healing on the enemy team like a lucio, auriel, or even an Alexstrasza.

Tier 2 Assassins:


Tier 3 Assassins:

  • Orphea – Close to tier 2, and if played well definitely very strong. But she is very squishy and better in a 1v1 than in ARAM.
  • Malthael
  • Ragnaros
  • Samuro
  • Tracer
  • Jaina
  • Tychus
  • Raynor
  • Valla
  • Greymane
  • Nova

Bad Assassins:

  • Genji
  • Valeera
  • The Butcher – Just way too risky in ARAM. Getting picked off in the early game again and again just throws the game for butcher's team. If he steamrolls with meat, though, he is a beast.
  • Illidan


Tier 1 Supports

  • Auriel – This may be just a personal biased pick because Auriel is my main (level 91, 67% winrate), but she is amazing in ARAM. She has decent damage, AoE healing, no mana, good ultimate, AoE blind at 13, stacking healing at 16… Getting a good tank or bruiser for level 7 Empathic Link is crucial for ARAM. This gives much more energy than a Gul'Dan or whatever other support. You can either go with CDR on level 1 or Quest. Both are good. 50% cast speed is a shit talent and you should not take it. With Righteous Assault on level 1, you can theoretically permanently blind the enemy team.
  • Ana – Her recent rework has dramatically increased her AoE healing output. As she can heal at such long range, she is very good in ARAM. Eye of Horus has become very good, but if you have a good target for Nano Boost, take it.
  • Deckard – Decent early game, but his AoE CC and late-game healing potential make him extremely powerful. 40% spell power on level 1 and Bottomless Flask at 20 is insane in ARAM.
  • Lucio – Constant AoE healing is just very strong in ARAM. Against a low burst team, consider taking Reverse Amp at level 10. The extra healing on E and the level 20 upgrade is very strong.
  • Stukov – Strong AoE combined with burst healing, AoE silence and decent CC overall.
  • Whitemane – Hard to play very well, but when well multitasking Whitemane, she can carry a team to victory.
  • Malfurion – His healing output is very high when hitting Moonfires consistantly. Pairing with very strong ultimates and an AoE root, Malfurion is very good in ARAM.

Tier 2 Supports

  • Alexstrasza AoE (W) BuildAlexstrasza Single Target (Q) Build. Both builds are very good. I've had more success with Q build as it is more impactful early game, but I see why most people would want to go for W build instead.
  • Kharazim – Even though Kharazim is a melee support, his healing is not to be underestimated.
  • Rehgar – Decent support, but his healing output is not that high, and mana costs are high.

  • Lt. Morales – (Note: against a high poke, long range team:
    lt morales#h9Y2 - Best picks in ARAM Brawls: Tier list + Talents.Shield build
    ) Good support because she has no mana, but the fact she has to recharge her energy and is single target healing ONLY, she falls behind in being the best there is.
  • Brightwing – Pretty good support with decent AoE. Her total AoE output is just a bit low and can have mana issues in long teamfights.
  • Li Li – After MANY games on Li Li, I've come to the 'controversial' conclusion that her 'Trait Build' is actually the best. Try getting tiny bits of damage to keep your trait active, and you will never run out of cooldowns or mana. You can take the Trait upgrade at 20 (30 armor), but the ult upgrade is better most of the times in my experience. The reason she is not in Tier 1 is of course because she has no AoE healing.

Tier 3 Supports – The healing output of these supports are just too low. However, they can be very good as a 2nd support pick!

Bad Supports:



Tier 1 Specialists:

  • Azmodan – Just kidding, pretty sure he is banned in ARAM.

Tier 2 Specialists:

  • sgt hammer#kdil - Best picks in ARAM Brawls: Tier list + Talents.Sgt. Hammer – Most people consider hey tier 1, but I've seen just a bit too much counterplay to fit her into tier 1. She is still REALLY strong, though!
  • Nazeebo – It is very hard for the enemy team to constantly avoid Nazeebo's toads which – guess what – hit for a ton. His ability to stack a lot in in ARAM makes him pretty beefy aswell. Note: against a team with no longe range CC, take Ravenous Spirit ultimate instead.
  • Gazlowe – Don't underestimate this goblin. It is not uncommon to see a Gazlowe topping the damage chart by a long mile. Don't go for the level 4 quest though, you will probably never complete it. You can take either Lazor or Turret AoE talent at level 7. I prefer Lazor, mostly because his other lvl 13 talents are really bad!

  • Sylvanas – Even though her level 1 talent is infinitely stacking, it it starts pretty slowly and the damage is not THAT ridiculous. Still a very versatile hero and deals a lot of damage.
  • Medivh – Can prevent a lot of damage, and also deal a lot of damage when played well. Not great most of the time, but definitely not to be underestimated.

Tier 3 Specialists:

  • Xul – Risky pick which can backfire quickly. However: going full tank-build against a 'not too high damage' team can make Xul almost impossible to kill.
  • Probius – Meh. Decent damage potential, but is very squishy, turret and pylons just get instantly destroyed. However, When your team is already ahead, probius is very good in sieging down the enemy structures and harassing from afar.

Bad Specialists:

  • Abathur
  • Murky
  • The Lost Vikings

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