Heroes of the Storm

[Beta Release]Custom Replay Logic updated to support Deathwing

HeroesoftheStorm 7 - [Beta Release]Custom Replay Logic updated to support Deathwing

A while ago I released version 0.1, it didn't exactly garner much attention, so I've been holding off on a new version till I got it to somewhere I wanted it to be. Now we're here.

For those who don't want to read the old thread(there's actually not that much relevant info there, I've updated a lot of things), this is a tool you can use to expand the number of statistics visible when watching replays of matches played. For those who want a list of all the statistics tracked, I'll be putting it at the bottom of this post.

Additionally, once a core has been destroyed there is the functionality to export the statistics tracked, as well as any quest talent progress, including some quests that aren't displayed through Blizzard's tracking, like Falstad's Wingman or Auriel's Reservoir of Hope.

SpazzoReplayStatKit - [Beta Release]Custom Replay Logic updated to support Deathwing

GitHub repository

Instructions on how to install and use are in the GitHub readme, there's also an observer interface that adds a number of new features, like ability cooldowns displayed in the top bar, the ability to toggle several existing UI elements(for those who want to take screenshots without the UI getting in the way), and also a number of new features relating to unit healthplates to display things like Whitemane's Desperation Preview, display health as a number on healthplates(with options for what percentage to start displaying it), and all of these features can be toggled on or off through one menu.

Here's an example screen from when I was adding support for Experience Globes, showing what one of the
scoreboards looks like

If you have any feedback or questions, leave a comment. There's also a discord link that can be reached through the UI.

Statistics that can be tracked because of the custom replay logic:


Experience contributed through globes within 5 minute windows by the entire team(5 minutes, 5-10 minutes, 10-15 minutes, 15-20 minutes, +20 minutes)
Experience that could have potentially been collected through globes within 5 minutes windows per-team(see above)
Damage dealt by each hero, ability-by-ability, and in some cases, target-by-target type, Illidan for example, can see
bIISyzg - [Beta Release]Custom Replay Logic updated to support Deathwing

these statistics
Healing dealt by each hero, ability-by-ability, same rules as damage dealt, will generally be separated by the target being the caster or not. Anduin, for example, can see
WrGMtB3 - [Beta Release]Custom Replay Logic updated to support Deathwing
these statistics. This also in some cases includes abilities that are not in any way tracked, as best showcased by D.Va, who can see
AVNcQPh - [Beta Release]Custom Replay Logic updated to support Deathwing
these statistics
Damage Dealt to each Enemy Hero
Healing Dealt to each Allied Hero
Hope(Auriel) Generated from each Allied Hero
Portals(Medivh) used by each Allied Hero
Flamethrower Damage(Blaze) dealt by each Allied Hero
Time Spent with a Symbiote(Abathur) on each Allied Hero, or on own summons Toxic Nests(Abathur) trigged by each Enemy Hero
Self-Destruct Charge(D.Va) gained from each Enemy Hero
You Want Axe(Zul'jin) Progress from each Enemy Hero
Deflects(Genji) caused by each Enemy Hero
Damage prevented by Armor
Damage increased by Armor
Armor Fallback(This is required because I can't reliably discern if you had armor when the damage happened, so when that happens, this score is increased)
Healing from Regeneration Globes
Healing from Healing Fountains
Healing from Hall of Storms, Hearthing
Physical Damage Dealt
Spell Damage Dealt
Experience Contributed to the Enemy Team through dying
Experience Contributed to Allies through globe collection
Damage Dealt by Team's Minions
Damage Dealt by Team's Mercenaries
Damage Dealt by Team's Objectives(includes damage dealt by Vehicles)

There are also a few statistics that Blizzard tracks that were previously visible, but now aren't, or were already tracked, but weren't visible, like Damage Taken, Damage dealt to Structures, Damage dealt to Minions, or Damage dealt to Summons. These are also available to be viewed while watching games as an observer.

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