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Better Skin Bundles and Chests

HeroesoftheStorm 4 - Better Skin Bundles and Chests

Hi everyone,

I also posted this on the hots forums.

With the recent news on hots does not making money. I was trying to figure out why? And the first thing that comes to mind is bundles. Bundles for the new hero skins are nonsense. The only way to get a skin for a new hero is to buy the bundle for it. Which is 1200 gems. It doesn’t even have a legit discount.

So to make this better I suggest to make all skins can be bought invidually with gems ALL TIME.

Make these skins bundles with good discount. Like 800 gems for 3 skins and make 400 gem for a new skin. On a recent hero.

Also why would anyone buy 12 rare chests? For 1000 gems? To gain 400 shards and nonsense emojis? Either change these to legendary chests and lower the chest count by %30 percent or triple the shards gained when opening paid loot chests. Or maybe there could be a shard multiplier for the level of the chest. Normal chests give normal shards, legendary chests give x5 shards no matter what. Opening chests feels most of the time as errand.

I can get that shards must be hard to earn. But gaining 100 shards for a epic hero feels bad. Maybe there could be free reopen if this happens. Also gems could be offered as alternative payment for reopening chests.


Why there is no gifting in the game? I want to buy some sick skins for my friends but I can’t. I can’t trade.

Do you see what is the problem blizzard? You force your transactions to be big. And as a result less transactions happen. Also you do not have enough alternatives to spend money. And you do not have atractive bundles or discounts. Make bundles have crazy discounts(Expecially hero skins) and do not force people to pay 1200 gems to only play with 400 gem skin.

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I know that you have to make money but you are just doing wrong. Look at other mobas and analyze. They have cheaper skins on average but also have crazy expensive and sick skins.

To rekindle money flow implement gifts, make all skins buyable with gems and make bundles mean something. Also give more meaning to opening chests either by increasing the shard gained by rarity and/or make legendary chests buyable instead of rare chests.

P.S: Sorry if this was a confusing read. I am not a good writer.

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