Heroes of the Storm

Blackheart’s bay cmon man

HeroesoftheStorm 10 - Blackheart's bay cmon man

Holy molly,

Every day, I play Heroes of the Storms with my friends because it is our favorite game.
I've been playing for five years and it always been a pleasure to enter the NEXUS for such a long time.
You know when you have a relationship with someone you can accept the little things that you don't like about her/him. But after a long time accepting theses you can become crazy. So this is my relationship with HoTS. After a long time accepting, now I need to open my bag.

This post will be all about this map that I will only pronounce the name once : Blackheart's bay.
What went wrong Blizzard? You had the possibility to make such a great objective map with many fun teamfights. Instead this map is just the synonyme of depression every time you hear by your friends that your next journey will be on this map. First of all, this map is only available on quickmatch, because it is so not well-balanced. I mean it's so fun to tag on QM and getting a shit matchup impossible to comeback. No fucking player know how to play on this map. I have such a bad winrate on this map because of monkeys and this shit map.


The time you spend on this map seems to be double the time that you would spend on other map. Because everytime you need to take the coins, redeem the coins, wait for the fucking pirate to shoot his missile. The lines are so long that the minions don't even have the time to reach the tower when you have your first tower destroy. The ennemies can't push with the waves or the pirate and THEY NEED TO FARM THE COINS INSTEAD OF PUSHING BECAUSE IT IS SO WORTHLESS TO PUSH WITH MINIONS BECAUSE WHEN YOUR LINE IS DEAD IT TAKE 15 MINUTES FOR ANOTHER WAVE TO COME TANK THE MF TOWER THAT DEAL HALF YOUR HP EVERYSHOT.

Let's talk about the line. We all know that they are extremely long, BUT they are also so far away from each other like wtf happen between mid and bot. Man, I'm telling you when you bot it is so cold and depressing, you alone so far away from your friends. When you getting gank alone bot by the ennemy team the times your buddies arrive you've been dead for 3 years. THIS MAP IS ALL about the gank, so it depends only on what team you have. We all know that the Matchmaking on HoTS is broken. I love when I have Murky, Viking, anub, kharazim and abby againts Butcher,xul,valeera, li ming, and diablo. Getting my head broken on a wall by diablo with no possibilities to escape because there is so many small ass corridor to get your ass whoop.

I'll continue on another post.

Please can the player have the possibility to blacklist 1 map on QM.


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