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Blaze: Tank or Solo Lane? Suggestion to Blizzard on How To Pick his Role

HeroesoftheStorm 3 - Blaze: Tank or Solo Lane? Suggestion to Blizzard on How To Pick his Role

Hi Reddit, I'm a GM Blaze main and I want to write this open letter to Blizzard regarding my favourite hero in the nexus.

Blaze has this identity crisis currently where Blizzard wants him to solo tank, but top level players keep taking him to the solo lane. He also is currently boasting a very low winrate, and I believe I have a solid solution to both issues.

Which role should Blaze be?

I personally don't care too much, he could be both still which would be cool, but that's been historically very difficult to balance. But with Blizzard classifying him as a Tank in the upcoming role update, I believe he shouldn't be a solo laner. Let's get to how I believe Blaze could become a better Tank, and a worse solo laner (So his winrate doesn't stay low, and his pro solo lane play doesn't skyrocket). I believe having Blaze as a main tank will also increase the waveclear options for tanks to be more than just Johanna and Stitches.

It's a general rule of thumb to have the following things as a solo laner:

– Gank Survivability

– Consistent Sustain

– Waveclear

Blaze has all three of those things, and does all three very well. If a Zeratul or Genji come in to kill him in the solo lane, his CC, Dash, Healing and Armor (Longer CD) can all get him out of sticky situations. He also has solid sustain through his lit W's, and has great waveclear with his W-Q and his AOE Auto attacks.

It's a general rule of thumb to have the following things as a main tank:

– Tankiness (Armor, Shields or Sustain)

– Reliable CC or Peel (Stuns, Roots, Slows, Silences, Blinds, Shields, etc)

– Mobility or Self-Cleanse (Garrosh (4), Johanna, Arthas (7) to an extent)

Now Blaze ticks all of these boxes, but still gets played more in the solo lane and has a weak winrate, why is that?

1: Solo Laners that tick all of the 3 boxes are harder to come by, meaning that he is one of fewer options to solo lane.


2: His Stun's Cooldown is too long as it's his main CC and escape, which are two important factors for a tank.

3: His Bunker ultimate is too team-play reliant. Combustion has a pretty balanced winrate as it is, and Bunker's winrate is extremely low.

How To Fix Blaze?

Here are a few ways that could push him into the solo tank role:

1: Reduce his Stun Cooldown. This will make him more likely to make plays and escape near-death experiences.

2: Flip his Sustain to his Trait, and his Armor to his ignited oil. This allows him to not have reliable Sustain for the solo lane, while not sacrificing his survivability as a main tank, allowing Blizzard to buff him without buffing his solo lane play if his winrate is too low.

Here are a few ways to push him into the solo lane role for good, allowing Blizzard to focus on his solo lane play in order to make his winrate balanced.

1: Reduce his CC (Allows Blizzard to buff his solo lane play winrate, since winrates tend to be tied to damage or tankiness numbers over CC)

2: Buff either his Damage or HP, which will allow him to have an increased winrate due to the nature of stats being a winrate booster historically, over CC.

Here is a way to make Blaze still be viable in both roles but still buff his winrate without making him broken in pro-play.

– Make Bunker deal more damage and have more HP, but get rid of the Armor it provides to allies. Doing this makes Combustion more appealing in Pro-play, and Bunker better for pubs. The armor was rarely used correctly enough for randoms to use it, but the damage and HP increase will allow it to be a solid teamfight – damage / 2nd health bar ultimate. This will increase it's winrate but also reduce it's effectiveness in pro play.

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