Heroes of the Storm

Blizzard is failing this game and this community

HeroesoftheStorm 3 - Blizzard is failing this game and this community

Hello all,

Long time reader, rarely a poster. I've been writing this post in my head for the past 6 months and I have always refrained from posting it due to my naïve hope that this game would turn the corner and the developers would finally deliver on a game that had once shown tremendous potential.

A little background on myself, I've been playing since Beta and I have over 5,000 games played. I love this game, or atleast I did. I have watched as the developers introduced new maps and heroes, re-tooled characters and added a plethora of skins. I have also watched them become unwilling or incapable of addressing the large issues that are prevalent in this game; mainly the horrendous match making system and the non-existent punishment of trolls/griefers.

I can no long play hero league because the 10 minute per queue wait times. I no long wish to play team league because the match making pits people of such drastic skills difference that most matches are one-sided stomps. This issue is compounded by people playing this game who say "gg" and sit at fountain because something doesn't go their way, or intentionally feed into towers. God forbid you lash out at them for their behaviour because you will be the one facing discipline for abusive language and not the guy who afk'd until the game ended – constantly coming back to call the team "bronze league scrubs" to make sure a bot doesn't boot him.


The only thing more frustrating than the above scenario is if someone were to actually leave the game or get disconnected and the bot takes over, the game devolves into a 1 sided smash-fest. This hurts the most people you could be outplaying the other team, have someone leave and then no matter how good the remaining 4 players play – you cannot outplay the exp parity this game forces down your throat.

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Now some people are going to read this and say, these are isolated instances and don't happen that often – well if you rarely encounter the above scenarios, I am envious because you get to freely enjoy a game I long to love again. For me, out of habit, I play 10 games or so a week – 20% of which are usually decent games – the remaining 80% either have some form of griefing, trolling, afk'ing and toxic play. It's beginning to wear on me because this game should be enjoyable, challenging and positive. Instead it's frustrating, stale and inconsistent.

As a final note, it was sad to see this game not nominated in at the video game awards for online gaming acknowledgement – it had all the makings to be among the best MOBA's in the world with the rich background of the franchise, strong core gameplay centred around team skirmishes and objectives. Instead, it's a shell of what it could be and what this overall community deserves.

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