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So at this point, if any HGC community supported alternative succeed, the business and sales guys at Blizzard rock.

If in exchange of removing their investment in the Heroes competitive scene and reducing the game development team, they get a new league paid by the fans, and the community support higher than ever to "saveHotS", keeping the audience, it's easy, they will keep doing it.

So, Blizzard has made the move, now players give the answer. "I cut the investment and you still pay me, good to know. I cancel the official league and you manage a new one with no cost for me, excellent, I'll promote it. Half cost, same result.", and the persons that took these decisions at Blizzard are the real Heroes now, cause the company is moving to new markets while the core community is still paying, angry, but still there, fighting for their games when they are spending less than half of the resources on them.

And yes, I say paying, because playing a game or viewing its competitions/streams even not spending a buck, is anyway literally "paying". I not only work in Marketing, but also in the eSports industry. I know this community, and I know everybody here is clever enough to understand what I say. If Heroes go to hell, I lose money cause in many ways my job is linked to this game. I love Heroes, and HGC is the most fun eSports competition I've ever seen, so I wanted it, as a professional and as a consumer. The only effective way to say this to Blizzard is not being part of this.


They could need to move the talent to new projects, but that doesn't mean they can't hire new talent to keep working in Heroes. They have took a decision, and as I see it, it's a very clever and useful decision for them. "If the hardcore community keeps making competitions for us, cool, if they leave, fine anyway, we could even start redesigning the game for casuals and making it mobile friendly to go multiplatform, we have not LoL/DOTA competition in other devices.". They will win in any case, you'll see.

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I work in entertainment and eSports cause there's something in this industry that goes beyond money and business growth. If you're a gamer, you know what I'm talking about, and I'm loyal to that, so even if they win whatever we do, I won't be supporting what they have done, because I love this fu*king game, and they don't.

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