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Blizzard, you called HotS your “love letter” so I want to write one too

HeroesoftheStorm 10 - Blizzard, you called HotS your "love letter" so I want to write one too

I want to start with a small history about where my experience with Blizzard started. Like many of you, my first RTS was Warcraft 2. They say an author's love for their work springs from the page. I believe this is the reason why Blizzard captured my heart from a young age. The love they showed through their work. Starcraft taught me a video game could have a compelling story. I don't remember much of high school, but I remember every instance, raid boss and quest from WoW. I've put thousands of hours into your games. So much of my life would be blank space if it weren't for your games.

Ultimately as I've grown older and the video game industry has changed I've grown more and more skeptical. I had a falling out with you due to DRM. I boycotted your games. It's laughable but it's true. This is when I first started not to recognize you as a company. But maybe that's the nature of the beast. Times change.

HotS wasn't my first MOBA. League was. But HotS came out at the perfect time. I was tired of League and a close friend of mine kept telling me I had to try HotS. I'll be honest with you: my first impression wasn't the best one. The game was rough from the start. But ironically this was the first time I felt and saw that Blizzard passion again. The HotS devs have truly squeezed every ounce of potential they could from this game. They have overcome every hurdle whether it be the perception of some jaded MOBA folks, budget issues, the fact that HotS is essentially a reskinned SC2. They did it all and I sincerely thank them for this experience.

Due to what I felt was a mutual understanding from them and my small community of friends I invested myself so heavily into HotS. I was at Blizzcon when Phill Gonzales confirmed to me in a cheeky sort of way that Zul'jin was on his way. I've written articles for Heroes of the Storm. I got to relive the glory days of all my favorite heroes through this game. It was a dream come true and I find it so difficult to walk away. And I'm a nothing compared to the casters, the pros, and your own HotS team. There's a reason people are breaking down due to your announcement.

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If you're involved in the business side of the company you must see it as a temper tantrum. But I was there the day MVP Black went against Fnatic and I have never felt such fire from a room. Everyone involved in this community poured their hearts into this game. Maybe you're saying to yourself "we tried, but HotS never stood a chance. We had no choice." But what I wish you realized is, everyone here had a choice and they bet on you. Many pros would have been better off devoting their lives to something else. Not because of the money they could have made, but because they may have been better appreciated. You said these choices are also difficult but what you fail to realize is some people had already made their choice and they bet their careers on you. Not everyone gets to walk away.

This wasn't done in good faith. It's a business and that's what you'll tell me. It's true of the Konami's, the Capcom's and the EAs of the world but there was once a company who believed so strongly in quality they only released half the projects they made. I wish you understood why your legacy mattered. Why the Diablo fans boo. Why WoW fans stick it through a bad expansion and why the HotS community feels betrayed.

I will never forget the experiences I've had playing this game. And to anyone who wishes to continue, who holds onto hope, I want the best for you. But in the words of Jaina – your own words Blizzard – "I'm sorry. I can't watch you do this."

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