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Blizzard’s announcement has made me MUCH more interested in the wider community.

HeroesoftheStorm 2 - Blizzard's announcement has made me MUCH more interested in the wider community.

Take what you will from this, but I'm no big HGC follower, though I've seen some epic matches. I'm not hugely into eSports or involved in the HoTS wider community, though I am aware of some of the better known streamers, casters and pro players (by Reddit proxy). Hell, I'm not even that good at the game – I play the odd evening a week and a bit of weekends – though I'm improving.

Last week I was doing my usual thing: scanning r/heroesofthestorm on my daily commute, watching MFPallytime's A-Z vids, Heroes Hearth stuff and some NotParadox vids. That was it.

Then the announcement from Blizzard. Fast forward to today and I'm now far more aware of the wider HOTS community. Why? You!

I've found out about Heroes Lounge, subscribed to a few streamers on Twitch, discovered Into The Nexus vids, and feel much more connected to what's going on beyond game updates and (forgive me) the usual 'cadence' (wtf?) of posts.


I'm not one to dance in the flames, far from it, but certainly the last few days have made me more interested in what's going on out there, and kind of laid out a map of HoTS discovery. Undoubtedly this is because I'm more interested, bit it's mainly because people have been posting more about things to support on here.

Yep, Blizzard's announcement and timescale was atrocious. Yep, I feel for all those livelihoods affected. And yep the future is uncertain.

But also, YOU have made me more aware of things to support and ways to connect in a game I enjoy playing. I could lose interest and walk away in protest, or I could keep enjoying the game and use this newfound power for whatever good I can muster to support people. In terms of HoTS interaction, I'm just a 9-5 commuting guy with limited scope. But I'm choosing the latter.

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