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Blizzard’s new player queue actually killed off entire regions of players

HeroesoftheStorm 3 - Blizzard's new player queue actually killed off entire regions of players

This was posted on the official forums but I don't think the devs read there, so will post it here too:

"The issue with the new player queue has been around for a while now I think, and having asked many people about it, I think I know the issue quite well.

Basically, on the smaller servers (Singapore, Australia, Taiwan, Korea etc), it is very hard for new players to find quickmatch games.

Speaking from personal experience, the ONLY way to play games against humans for a new account on the Singapore server is this:

  1. Farm AI until you are able to queue for ranked
  2. Play exclusively ranked games

And that is exactly what I did and am doing. I have played hundreds of ranked games now. I can find games in ranked because there is no “new player queue” in ranked.

But I still can’t find quickmatch games. Despite the fact that there are many many people playing quickmatch on the Singapore server. It actually takes only a few minutes to find a quickmatch IF YOU ARE NOT in the new player queue.

If blizzard responds to this thread for evidence, I can post screenshots of 20,000 second queues for quickmatch. I can post one 20,000 second queue screenshot every day, using different heroes if you want proof.

Blizz, how many new players in these regions do you think have the patience to deal with your system like me, to rank up heroes in vs AI mode (which I hate) just to play ranked with very long queue times?

Or will they press quickmatch, conclude the game is dead, and leave?


Btw I know many new players who left the game. 2-3 months ago, it was actually possible for me to find a quickmatch game. All I had to do was queue for an hour, so there were at least still people trying. The new player population basically just COMPLETELY DIED OFF thanks to your abysmal system.

How is it possible to be this incompetent blizz? You can remove the new player queue for the small regions and keep it for the big ones, is it that hard?

I mean, I know the smaller regions aren’t as good business as NA or Europe, but just straight up KILLING OFF ENTIRE REGIONS of new players? Seriously?

As I said, there are actually lots of people playing on my server, spending money on your stuff, but the number is dropping because sometimes veteran players leave (for whatever reason) and no new players join due to this.

Also, I know no one will give a damn about this and this thread will die. The only people whom this issue affects are the new players on smaller regions and they are the most unlikely people to visit reddit or this forums (everyone here is probably veteran players from NA or EU).

New players don’t post on forums/reddit, they leave the game to rot if they can’t find games. So I am doing this game a favour by posting this. For the sake of HOTS playerbase, please bump this thread if you can so it doesn’t just die off instantly, and hopefully blizz will actually get to see it. Thanks."

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