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Blizzards stock price is down 44% since blizzcon. The HOTS devs are not making the decisions at this point for HGC 2019

HeroesoftheStorm 10 - Blizzards stock price is down 44% since blizzcon. The HOTS devs are not making the decisions at this point for HGC 2019

I’m reading a lot of posts and tweets from pros criticizing the HOTS devs for not releasing more information on the upcoming HGC schedule. I’d like to explain what is most likely going on.

Since a disastrous Blizzcon in November the blizzard Activision stock is down from $84 dollars a share to $49 dollars a share this week. As a company they have lost about half their value in three months.

This is a company wide emergency. The CEO is getting hammered by investors who are demanding action to cut losses increase profitability and increase valuation and dividends.

This article describes steps already happening at blizzard HQ to implement austerity measures.


I guarantee that every department head has been called into meetings to analyze profitability. The company is going to line by line cut losses and divert spending to profitable departments.

HOTS is not a profitable department. HOTS in its entire existence has not once been mentioned positively in the annual investor conference calls, they have not released a single positive statistic in regards to playerbase or profits.


Over the last year HOTS has already cut back development funding for hero development and game development. Twitch viewership is down even with drop incentives, sponsors, casters and long time pros are leaving by the dozen. HOTS currently does not have even a game director.

I promise you that HOTS is now under a directive to drastically reduce spending and halt future projects. It’s is going on the back burner.

What will happen this month. Blizzard will end player salaries and the million dollar prize pools. The return on their esports spending is the biggest leak in HOTS spending by far. HOTS is already at the biggest disparity between investment vs return in all of esports. This will not continue while blizzards stock is in free fall.

This announcement is terrible news. When does terrible news get released by smart PR employees? They get released on Fridays before major holiday breaks like Christmas.

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Be prepared the Friday before Christmas to hear that HGC will be moving toward a community funded circuit format. Also, I would ask that we keep in mind that our developers are doing their best and these decisions are most likely outside of their control.

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