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Blizzcon and HOTS

HeroesoftheStorm 2 - Blizzcon and HOTS

I attended Blizzcon two months ago, and it wasn't the first one I had attended.

This year was esports-centric and filled with all of the memes about not having phones. However, the HOTS panel was in my opinion the best panel, leading up with the most upcoming changes and something to feel excited about.

Now, HOTS will be a vacancy in the arenas that they will have at the convention. This is all too fitting considering Blizzcon has changed direction away from being a community event, to more of a lootbox fueled game of chance every space they can fill with a booth (patches, plastic ball heads, pins, etc).

This announcement was two months after the event of the year for Blizzard. From a business perspective, this is the equivalent of Apple saying they're no longer going to support the iPad, after showing off a new iPad at their annual event. Then saying you'll love the Apple Watch, go buy one of those instead.


I'm just shocked at how callous this message and timing was. HOTS is the only Blizzard game I play regularly, and I haven't logged in since the announcement. As someone who spent a lot of money to travel and enjoy Blizzcon, to celebrate the game with other people who enjoy playing, I feel like it was a slap in the face. I walked away from the convention looking forward to all of the changes in the future. Instead, I'm left with sustainability and meme's about "do you guys not have phones".

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