Heroes of the Storm

Bored of tanking? Here are some off meta ways to play your favorite tanks!

HeroesoftheStorm 3 - Bored of tanking? Here are some off meta ways to play your favorite tanks!

These builds are not intended for new players but for players that want to play heroes they already know in a radically different style from the norm.

Charging Lion Taunt Varian

Taunt Varian is strong these days, especially if you have a Tychus or Jaina in voicecoms to focus your taunt targets. Late game you want to pick the spellpower banner (also helps your healer and your self heals) and the healing banner at 20 which gives 100% banner uptime. If they don't have an enemy fast autoattacker you can take the Lion's Fang talents that synergize with the late game healing banners. Also personally I don't like tanking that much but I do like charging, so while mortal strike is excellent, if they don't have a big self healer like Xul that needs to be shut down, I take both charge talents as well. I like the mobility to be able to charge out to allies. Not sure if charge synergizes with spellpower but I think it does, anyone know for sure?

Bruiser Anti-mage Garrosh

Shut down Kel'thuzad with this build, just walk up to mages and start smacking them. Can still take Indomitable if you want.

Beetle Anti-mage Anub'arak

Beetles can be fun but try avoiding beetle juiced. At 16+ Epicenter and Rewind are amazing talents and they also give more beetles from cooldown reduction even if they are not beetle talents.

Off-lane ETC

ETC mains will say this sucks and that speed metal is trash, and if you can interupt a Diablo charge most of the time with Loud Speakers then you would be right. But I bet 90% of players can't so here is a safer option.

Anti-dive Arthas

This build destroys everyy melee assassin in the game and all you have to do is walk at people with your aura. It is hilarious late game with Lucio or with Ava movespeed hat. Even most tanks can get away late game if catch them with your icy talons. (But dont take icy talons lol, take Frozen wastes so you can leave it pretty much the whole engagements.)


Punish lack of burst flippy flip Diablo

If they have a Tychus or Greymane that can burst you down dont take this, but auto attack flippy Diablo can life a long ass time even solo otherwise. One improve to get over the standard build to consider is malevolence instead of momentum. It conserves Mana but also let you destroy squishies fast with empowered autoattacks between flips.

Auto attack Malganis (only works if they have no CC)

This build is not refined and if the enemy team has a Brightwing or Uther it won't work at all. But basically you self heal a ton with autos and late game you move very fast and your autos also slow.

Molten Armor Imperius (EZ Mode)

Do you suck at landing stuns with Imperius? This is the build for you. Super armor Imperius, you also debudf with the armor. Most important is Solarian does surprising damage when you talent into it.

Playmaker Jumpy Dwarf

Do you get bored being a damage sponge playing Muradin. Do you want to bring the ruin and make plays with Haymaker? Try taking all the jump talents. The armor helps you survive longer when you suicidally jump in and the 80% slow makes it easier to line up shots, 80 is a lot! I love this build. Be sure to learn to not save people with Haymaker tho >.<

Tank Uther

Stun city baby, pair with an Imperius or Blaze offlaner for maximum stuns and a good frontline. Also you still want a ranged healer for this comp!

Movespeed Falling Sword Johanna

Johanna has fallen off with the shield nerfs especially but I learned about this movespeed build in ARAM a few months ago and it has continued to perform well for me with defanged Johanna.

Don't take these builds too serious, they are mostly for fun and experimentation!


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