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Bottomless Flasks sucks

HeroesoftheStorm 6 - Bottomless Flasks sucks

Back when it took 5 or 6 seconds for the potions to recharge, this talent was great and could have a huge impact on drawn out objective fights. But 8 seconds is simply too long to wait for more potions. In that time, you can manually throw out ~3 potions, and you need to because Bottomless Flasks doesn't help a target who is CC'd and/or getting bursted down.

What you want to happen is to have your allies engage, trade health, and then disengage back to your potions, heal up and repeat, eventually wearing your enemies down with infinite sustained healing. But what actually happens is you set up your potion field, your allies engage, and then one (or more) of them gets stunned or whatever, so you start throwing potions at them because they need healing right now. But you can only have 5 potions active, so when you throw 3 potions to heal this ally, you've moved 3 of your back-up potions into an awkward, clumped up forward position, and you've lost 3 potions of back-up healing. But ok, this ally is safe, and maybe another ally even went back and picked up the remaining 2 active potions if you're lucky.


Now a few seconds have passed, the fight is going well, and the 3 potions you threw forward are starting to come back. But now another ally is in trouble, and they won't be able to get those forward potions because, well, they're forward. You threw them into enemy territory to save an ally in the initial engagement, and they're not really accessible right now. So you start throwing potions again, but that means the 2 remaining back-up potions which were halfway to rejuvenating now de-spawn. So now 10-12 seconds have passed and you've only successfully fed maybe 2 extra potions to your allies through Bottomless Flasks. Your entire pretty potion field is ruined and scattered in awkward positions across the battlefield, and even though you've managed to keep the fight near your potion field, you keep having to reset the timers on the potions that are ready or coming back because you keep needing to throw more potions.

And this cycle just continues. You can never get significant value out of Bottomless Flasks because you can't just stop throwing potions for 8 seconds (and even if you did, you don't get that much more healing per second out of it). The circumstances where Bottomless Flasks gets value are so restrictive and conditional that I think the talent sucks. You might win the fight anyway, but it won't have been because a bunch of potions rejuvenated and saved someone. You should pick either Respect the Elderly which is just generally amazing and has the potential to end a fight outright, or Perfect Gems which gets massive value in a drawn out fight and can be actual cancer to deal with (Emerald spam is -75% healing with 80% uptime). Don't pick Bottomless Flasks just because it was good a long time ago.

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