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Bring back enemy team party indicators in QM

HeroesoftheStorm 1 - Bring back enemy team party indicators in QM

Fighting 5 stacks usually sucks, but what's worse is thinking you're going to have a normal match only to get destroyed by a coordinated group and checking after the game that yep, that was a 5 stack. While it use to show in the past, it was disabled as a cheap trick to "solve" matchmaking issues with groups, but even putting that debate of that aside, its removal took two important factors away with it.

Knowing who is in a party with who is important for a game plan. While certainly not always the case, people who party together tend to combo and synergize heroes much more than normal players. Knowing that if one hero hits you, the others are more likely to follow up is a huge difference in how dangerous certain heroes can be. Most importantly, it tells you how coordinated the team is going to be in map awareness. As we all know, getting people to be in certain places is probably the hardest part of QM. Stacks usually don't have this issue as people are much more likely to be listening to what their allies have to say. While arguably, you could say you should expect the enemy team to be smarter than not, that doesn't change the fact that solo team dynamics and party team dynamics are two pretty different things.


But maybe you don't really care too much about who's with who and just play the game. Nothing wrong with that, but party indications also help reduce toxicity in the game. Much more often than not, people jump way less to blaming each other off the bat when we know we're up against a 5 stack. I feel like most people's mentality of seeing a 5 stack is, "We're probably screwed," so if that does happen, people are more likely to be okay blaming the fact enemy team has an advantage over us instead of pressing tab and starting to blame whoever has some low stat. It even makes winning feel better, because even if they weren't a particularly good 5 stack, you feel like you overcame the odds and your random team beat a well-coordinated team. While a counter-argument to this is it could be that it incentives people to give up earlier, I don't think that's really seeing a 5 stack since people like that are going to be toxic players regardless of the game. While I certainly can't say this is true for everyone, it's very true in my experiences and while losing to a well-coordinated 5 stack sucks, it's way less frustrating when you understand why you're losing.

Overall, the removal of the party indicator on the enemy team was just a cheap trick to pretend a problem had been fixed and its removal also took away important factors of QM play. Being able to know who on the enemy team is together and setting your expectations accordingly, however they may be, helps everyone enjoy the game more. I see no reason to not reenable this feature and it would be respectable if the HotS team did bring this feature back, as this certainly isn't going to have any big impact on win%'s and it shows they care more about the player's experience instead of hampering it to cover up what they may feel is an issue with the game.

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