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Bring Back Tower Ammunition

HeroesoftheStorm 2 - Bring Back Tower Ammunition

The recent Call for Help Nexus Anomaly has been rather controversial with the community, and with the developers asking for feedback I thought that I would suggest something that hasn't seen much discussion. This, as the title suggests, would be the return of tower ammunition to the game.

While the community itself seems rather split on what should be done with the Call for Help Anomaly, a general consensus seems to be that the game itself has become a lot more defensive and the most recent Anomaly only exacerbates that. For example the addition of EXP globes has made freezing the Minion wave under your towers a more powerful strategy. Doing so correctly forces your lane opponent to either push far into lane and risk being ganked to gain EXP, or give it up entirely.

While I don't think the game being more defensive is inherently a bad thing, a problem that does occur is that there seems to be little counter play to more defensive strategies. This is where tower ammunition comes in. For those who don't recall, tower ammunition was a mechanic that gave towers, forts, and keeps a limited amount of ammunition to attack with. A tower's ammunition refilled slowly over time, and once it ran out the tower was unable to attack.

While it doesn't sound like much I think it could do a lot to bring back some counter play and complexity to the game as it currently is. To go back to a previous example, freezing the minion wave would still be a viable strategy, but the defender would also risk using up all of their tower ammo if they freeze the lane for extended periods of time. This would also make pushing lanes more rewarding, as you could use the minion wave to drain a tower's ammo and more safely tower dive even with the effects of the Call for Help Anomaly.


It also creates the potential for more map specific strategies. For example, on Infernal Shrines you could choose to drain tower ammo in a lane in preparation for objective to secure a stronger push with the Punisher. Alternatively your team could also choose to give an early objective in exchange for getting more EXP and draining tower ammo in the other lanes. This would allow large minion waves to build up and do structure damage while your team defends against an early game Punisher.

So that's my case for the return of tower ammunition in Heroes of the Storm. There are however some potential downsides to this that I would like to mention. This would be a buff to characters like Xul and Samuro, both of which are already strong characters, as they could once again use their summons to more quickly drain a tower's ammo. Mercenary camps like the Knights and Shamans will also become a lot more powerful for their ability to soak a lot of tower shots. This could potentially make some objectives much weaker, as pushing down a defenseless lane may be more valuable than some of the weaker one lane objectives. Alternatively maps like Tomb of the Spider Queen and Alterac Pass may end up with even stronger objectives as they push down all three lanes and cumulatively absorb a lot of tower shots. Overall though I do think that this would be a healthier change for the game, regardless of what what becomes of the Call for Help Anomaly.

TL;DL Tower ammunition would add offensive counter-plays and make defensive strategies weaker but still viable.

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