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Broll Bearmantle concept.

HeroesoftheStorm 10 - Broll Bearmantle concept.

We have Varian, Reghar and Valeera, but why don't we have final member of the team? Welcome mighty druid whose shapeshifter abilities can outmatch anyone, even Malfurion Stormrage himself.

Broll Bearmantle

tank/dps hybrid

Can shapeshift into 3 basic forms cat(dps), bear(tank), human/moonkin(dps). Each form have unique resource and abilities. All abilities trigger 1 sec GCD.

At level 1 select affinity which drastically improve one chosen form, but retain ability to use another form freely. Heroic abilities can only be used in respectful form with choosen affinity.

Broll is Very Hard hero with high amount of abilities and opportunities. Key to master him is using right form in right time, using all available abilities but remember about GCD and it's limitations.

Common abilities:

1. Shapeshift: Feral. Turn into cat with ability to prowl undetected, deal fast sustained but low damage per hit. Can have Combo points up to 3. Use Energy as resource which regenerate rapidly. 2. Shapeshift: Guardian. Turn into bear with slow medium damage attack, take reduced damage from enemy. Use Rage as resource which generate from damage dealt/taken. 3. Human form/Moonkin Form. Turn into human/moonkin with ranged spellcasting abilities which deal DoT damage and grant Astral power to deliver massive damage. Z. Shapeshift: Travel form. Can't use mounts. Instantly transform into travel form with 20% increased movement speed. Can be improved with lvl 4 and lvl 20 talents. 

Form abilities:

1) Human/Moonkin form. Use mana as resource. Q. Moonfire. Deal low instant damage and leave moderate MAGIC DoT. Grant medium amount of Astral power. Cost low mana, low CD. (Sorry Malfurion) W. Lunar strike. Deal medium target damage, low AoE damage withing small radius. Grant medium amount of Astral power, increased for each enemy hero hit. Cost medium mana, low CD, channeled cast with low cast time. E. Starsurge. Deal heavy single target damage. Spend high amount of Astral power (about 50-60% of maximum). No CD, no cast time. R1. Solar beam. Cast solar beam at targeted area, silence enemies within radius. Low duration, medium radius, low cast time, high CD. R2. Typhoon. Knock back all enemy heroes in front of hero, slowing them fow low amount and duration. Medium CD. 

2) Feral form: Q. Shred. Deal low damage, no CD, medium enegry cost. Generate combo point W. Rake. Low damage, leave moderate BLEEDING DoT. High energy cost, no CD. Generate combo point E. Rip. Medium/High/Heavy BLEEDING DoT, use Combo points. No CD. R1. Tiger's Fury. Instantly grant enegry, increase all damage dealt. Medium CD, low duration. R2. Berserk. Reduce enegry cost of all abilities, increase damage dealt to target for each BLEEDING DoT it have. High CD, medium duration. D. Prowl. Become invisible with slightly reduced movement speed. 

3) Guardian form: Q. Mangle. Deal medium amount of damage. Give medium amount of Rage. Low CD. W. Trash. Deal low AoE damage, generate low amount of Rage for each hero damaged, leave low BLEEDING DoT on each target. E. Ironfur. Give medium amount of armor for medium duration, no CD, stackable. Cost High amount of Rage. D. Feral Charge. Charge into enemy, stun it for low duration. Moderate CD, no cost. R1. Frenzied Regeneration. Regenerate High amount of health, medium CD, HUGE Rage cost. R2. Challenging Roar. Taunt all enemy heroes within small radius to attack Broll for small duration, but can't use any other abilities for taunt duration and small amount of time after. 

Level 1 Talents:

1) Balance affinity. Grant Moonkin form, with increased range of form abilities, increased spell power. Allow selecting Moonkin heroic abilities. 2) Feral affinity. Grant increased move speed in cat form, remove prowl move speed penalty, increase attack damage of form abilities. Allow selecting Deral heroic abilities. 3) Guardian affinity. Give Dire Bear form with increased HP and armor. Allow selecting Guardian heroic abilities. 

Level 4 Talents:

1) Glyph: Cheetah. Increase travel form movement speed to 30% 2) Glyph: Doe. Allied hero can use Broll in Travel form as mount by clicking on it. 3) Glyph: Feral swiftness. When transformed in Travel form gain bonus movement speed, rapidly decaiying to 120%. 

Level 7 Talents:

1) Twin Moons. Moonfire deal 20% increased DoT damage. With Balance affinity affect 2 targets. 2) Primal Wrath. Replace Rip. Deal instant damage and apply BLEEDING DoT. With Feral affinity affect 2 targets. 3) Guardian of Elune. Mangle affect 2 targets. With Guardian affinity increase duration Ironfur by 2 seconds. 

Level 10 Talents:

1) Solar Beam/Tiger's Fury/Frenzied Regeneration 2) Typhoon/Berserk/Challenging Roar 

Level 13 Talents:

1) Mighty Bash. Transform in Guardian form and stun target for 1.5 seconds. Usable in any form. High CD. 2) Tiger Dash. Transform into Feral form and increase movement speed by 50% for short amount of time. High CD. 3) Fury of Elune. Tranform into human/Moonkin form and apply Moonfire DoT to all nearby Heroes 

Level 16 Talents:

1) TBD 2) TBD 3) TBD 

Level 20 Talents:

1) Flight form. Improve Travel form, allow it to fly over terrain (much like Medivh). With Glyph: Doe can also transport one teammate. 2) Archdruid. Give all affinity bonuses (except heroic abilities). 3) Emerald Dream. Using Hearthstone Broll open portal to Nexus, which can be used by his teammates to quickly travel through. Using portal weaken body and mind, resulting in reduced mana and health. Each Hero can use portal once in 90 sec. No CD, take 50% current health and mana when hero pass through portal. Lasts 10 seconds. 

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