Heroes of the Storm

Bugs regarding Alexstrasza’s trait Dragonqueen and hero power Cleansing Flame

HeroesoftheStorm 2 - Bugs regarding Alexstrasza's trait Dragonqueen and hero power Cleansing Flame

Today, as I played Alexstrasza, I found an interesting fact that when Alexstrasza is in Dragonqueen form, the number of the cooldown of the Cleansing Flame (CF) is changed to 90 seconds instead of 100 seconds and after I have used it under Dragonqueen form, the cooldown of the CF is truly 90 seconds, not 100 seconds as said in the official announcement or in the human form. Moreover, I have checked the ob of matches in 2018 HGC season 3 and season 4, and I found that this cooldown bug has been existed for a long time. Just because in the Dragonqueen form, although Alexstrasza used CF, the cooldown of it will not exist instantly but appear several seconds later when the Dragonqueen form ends, it is hard for people to mention this bug. I just track the time line of the video. For example, in the third match of 2018 HGC season 4 in China, BTG vs TheOne, BTGDruid uses CF at 21:32 (video time), and as the Dragonqueen form ends 21 seconds later at 21:53 (video time), the remaining cooldown time of CF is 69 seconds, add 21 and 69, the cooldown of CF under Dragonqueen form is calculated, and it is 21+69=90, not 100 as in human form.


Moreover, there are several bugs regarding the health of Alexstrasza's Dragonqueen form. When she is at lv30, the health of her in normal form is 5514, and it is said that the Dragonqueen form will grants her 1624 extra health. However, after she turned to Dragonqueen form, there is 0.5 second for her to change her model. In this short period of time, her health mysteriously turns to 5803. Finally, her health turns to 7426, approximately 1624(1623) more than the health 5803, not the normal health 5514. It seems like the mysterious health improvement obey the scaling of 4% per level, for at lv1, it is 1859-1766=93, and etc.

Meanwhile, when Alexstrasza uses CF under her Dragonqueen form, after she lands, her remainming health will improve the number equals to the health improvement of the Drangonqueen form, as it is 1624 at lv30, and etc.

ps. If anyone wants to know my idea more clearly, you could read my article here, however it is in Chinese. Although you may not know Chinese, the pictures are easy to understand and the numbers are easy to calculate and it is easy to draw to the conclusion with simple compute.

This is my first time using reddit so I don't know how to upload pictures in order to prove my idea and make it clearer. So I will be very thankful it anyone could tell me how to upload pictures within words:)

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