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Cairne Bloodhoof (Hero Concept)

HeroesoftheStorm 7 - Cairne Bloodhoof (Hero Concept)

Since there is a good interest right now in the sub for my boy Cairne, and since I asked the developers in the AMA about including him and they gave me a promising answer:

/u/blacktiger226: Some people say Deathwing was the last new hero we will ever get. Is that true? Please tell me we are getting Cairne Bloodhoof!

/u/blizzdorothy: Nope to first question. And anything is possible in Nexus! ✌✌(➲ ᗜ ➲)✌✌

Please allow me to share with you a hero concept that I made for a Cairne Bloodhoof hero long ago, and which I updated recently.

Cairne Bloodhoof is a tanky warrior with a high health pool and a big figure. He is at his best when he remains close to an ally, sacrificing his own health to protect them. His abilities are all based around peeling for his allies, disengaging and counter-engaing. He lacks wave clear and damage in 1v1 situations, but his heroics allow him to become a beast in 2v2 situations as long as he is paired with an ally that can provide sustained damage.

(Passive) Spirit Link: Choose an allied hero, as long as you remain in range, 50% of the damage received by them, will be received by you instead. (20 sec cooldown). (link visible to allies and enemies, walking outside the range disables the spirit link similar to Auriels hat)

(Q) Shockwave: Create a traveling Shockwave that travels in a line dealing (medium damage) to all enemies it passes through, knocking them aside for a small distance. (10 sec cooldown)

(W) War Stomp: After a short delay (0.5 sec), stomp the ground dealing (small damage) and stunning all surrounding enemies for (2 sec). Heroes are stunned for only half the period. (12 sec cooldown)

(E) Stand Back: Dash towards a nearby ally (short range) placing you between them and the nearest enemy hero, and knocking aside (very small displacement) enemies along your way. (12 sec cooldown).

(R1) Mak'Gora: Cairne chooses an enemy (very short range), after a 0.75 sec channel he spins his axe in a wide circle around him knocking back (large displacement) and dealing damage to all other enemies in range. (except his target) (80 sec cooldown).

(R2) Totem of Reincarnation: When Cairne dies, he drops a totem of reincarnation that has 33% of his maximum health, this totem can be attacked. After 5 seconds, Cairne revives with HP and Mana equal to the percent remaining of the totem health. (60 sec cooldown)


  • In each talent tier there is a rune that can be added to his Runespear, adding utility to his basic attacks, if someone wants to tech completely in a baisc attack build he will sacrifice all utilities in other talents:
  1. Water Rune: Each third basic attack will heal you and your spirit linked ally a small amount.
  2. Earth Rune: Attacking an enemy hero will root them for 1 sec. (Cannot trigger on the same hero more than once every 10 seconds)
  3. Fire Rune: Basic attacks will splash damage.
  4. Wind Rune: Every third basic attack will give you and the spirit linked ally 10% movement speed boost the decays over 1 second.
  5. Bloodhoof Runespear: (level 20 talent) Gain all the runes of the previous tiers.

Spirit Link Talents:

  • Reduce damage taken (self) from Spirit Link by 50%.

  • Having an active Spirit Link grants you increased health regeneration.

  • Endurance Aura: Spirit linked allies have a permanent +10% movement and attack speed as long as they remain in a close range to Cairne.

  • Whenever Cairne is healed, 25% of this healing is transferred to his spirit linked ally and vice versa.

  • (level 20 talent): Cairne can spirit link 2 allies to himself, instead of one.

War Stomp talents:

  • War Stomp is instant cast.

  • War Stomp deals double damage to non-heroes.

  • Enemies stunned by War Stomp are vulnerable, receiving increased damage for duration of the stun.

Stand Back talents:

  • Stand Back gives you a shield upon arriving.

  • Stand Back leaves behind a slowing, damaging trail.

  • Stand Back breaks movement impairing effects (self). (Slow and Root, but not Stun)

Other Talents:

  • Shockwave can be activated to return back to Cairne.

  • (level 20 talent) Mak'Gora knocks back allies too and creates a wide zone of impassable terrain around Cairne and his chosen enemy, that lasts for 3 secs.

  • (level 20 talent) Totem of Reincarnation has hp equals 50% max health and no cooldown.


  1. War Stomp and Shockwave are inspired by Tauren Cheiftain abilities from Warcraft 3.

  2. Spirit Link is inspired by Tauren Spiritwalker ability from Warcraft 3.

  3. Totem of Reincarnation is a inspired by his Warcraft 3 ability, adding an element of counter-play inspired from the passive of Zac from League of Legends.

  4. Mak'Gora is inspired by the iconic Mak'Gora fight against Garrosh in lore and Xin Zhao's ultimate ability in League of Legends.

  5. Runespear is inspired by lore.

  6. Most numbers are kept vague on purpose because I want the discussion to focus on the concept rather than balance.

Thank you.

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