Heroes of the Storm

Can someone help me with a bit of ability damage math?

HeroesoftheStorm 7 - Can someone help me with a bit of ability damage math?

Right now, I'm working on a big spreadsheet involving damage values and scaling and I want to make sure I'm correctly applying modifiers and scaling (and not screwing up the rounding). The issue I'm running into is with Hanzo's Target Practice and Flawless Technique talents. Storm Bow's level 0 damage is 291, its scaling is the standard 1.04, Target Practice's quest completion provides 100 bonus damage (non-scaling), and Flawless Technique grants a modifier of .3 to Storm Bow. Here's some of the XML pertaining to this:

 <CEffectDamage id="HanzoStormBowDamage" parent="StormSpell"> <Amount value="291" /> <MultiplicativeModifierArray index="FlawlessTechniqueTalentDamageBonus" Validator="HanzoFlawlessTechniqueIsEmpoweredStormBowMissile" Modifier="0.3" Crit="1" /> <FlatModifierArray index="TargetPracticeTalentFlatDamage" Validator="HanzoTargetPracticeCasterHasDamageIncreaseBehavior" Modifier="100" /> <SourceButtonFace value="HanzoStormBow" /> </CEffectDamage> 

Futher down is the scaling…

 <LevelScalingArray Ability="HanzoStormBowFireTargetPoint"> <Modifications> <Catalog value="Effect" /> <Entry value="HanzoStormBowDamage" /> <Field value="Amount" /> <Value value="0.040000" /> <AffectedByAbilityPower value="1" /> <AffectedByOverdrive value="1" /> </Modifications> 

I'm trying to calculate the value of a level 20 Storm Bow with both of these bonuses (and no spell power or armor shred from other talents). If we scale the base 291 up to level 20, we get the following:


291 * 1.04^20 = 637.616834623

Now we add the Target Practice Bonus:

637.616834623 + 100 = 737.616834623

And finally our .3 multiplier from Flawless Technique:

737.616834623 * 1.3 = 958.90188501

So I end up at a value of ~958.9, which I assume the UI would normally round up to 959. However! When I take these talents, go into Try Mode, set the level to 20, and do this in practice, I get a crit hit of 960 on a Target Dummy. While this seems to confirm that my math was pretty close, it wasn't exact. I'm not sure where this extra bit of damage is coming from and I want to make sure this isn't because I'm missing something in my calculations. At the very least, I think I'm misunderstanding something about the way HotS does rounding.

It's not a big deal for me to be off by one on this spell, but I have a formula going down an entire column in Google Sheets and I don't want to mess up 500 calculations by a tiny bit.

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Any help is appreciated!

Edit: One clue is that the UI seems to be giving me 638.1 for a level 20 Storm Bow cast on a Target Dummy with no talents. Starting from 638.1, you get:

(638.1 + 100) * 1.3 = 959.53

This value rounds up to 960 quite nicely and makes perfect sense to me. But it begs the question: why is an untalented level 20 Storm Bow dealing ~638.1 damage?

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