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Can we fix some issues in the game? Huge rant+ Suggestions

HeroesoftheStorm 3 - Can we fix some issues in the game? Huge rant+ Suggestions

Huge rant but i feel like i have to take it out of my chest, its been eating me up for the past few nights everytime am done playing.

Tonight I did about 7-8 games, and I got very very toxic. I don't like being toxic but I cant help, I don't wanna uninstall the game because I play this game with a friend and whenever we quit the game there is no other game we have in common, plus I "love" the game. I understand that people slowed down a lot on working on this game, but can we fix some serious issues that not only are hurting the game and making people quit but also stop people from joining in ?

Today I was very toxic to a new player, I hate to do that, but I had to because the game has no mechanic or any way of showing them, and in my experience so long in this game, I found out that if you are not toxic they wont even care what you say, you are the same rank so what do you know more than them? your words mean nothing. The game was very unfair to this new player, the whole team was toxic against him, everyone cursed at him so he Exited the game while in Draft to cancel the game and take the penalty so we wont have to deal with him and he wont have to deal with us, I feel bad for him, but I feel more angry at the game and the developers who wont fix this issue and do this to people, new people who come to play the game. I bet you this player wont last long in this game now that he done his placements, he will do a few games, take a few penalties for leaving Draft, get everyone to be toxic at him, and give up.

Why? In LoL, Dota , Overwatch, Warcraft or any other game with a ranking system, you begin low, and go up, you do placement games and if you are a litteral god, you start mid tier or around there. This guys has done a few games and was placed Plat 3-4.

My friend plays LOL as well so I asked him, if I log into LoL and be in plat 1 for example, will I meet players who don't know the basics of the game, who is the tank, who is the ADC and so on, if I go into Plat , will I find people trying to 5v1 early game without being fed? will I find people trying to take a " boss " as 2-3 when the enemy team is around them with vision on the boss? He said absolutely not. He said there is bad players, but they know all, the basics, the must and must not. So my point here is why is a new player after just a few wins and a few loses placed in plat 1? How does this make any sense that is fair to him, his team, and the enemy team to be playing with him in the game? When was the last time you had an even game where it was really close? So yeah I feel bad for the guy, but its not my fault, blizzard put a target on his head, and by wasting my 20 minutes by staying silent or being toxic against him , is not a solution. Now you might ask why don't you just help him? tell him what to do? Because I tried countless times to do that, to a point where I was thinking hmmm maybe me telling people its good to do this and its good to do that, is the reason they play so bad, maybe they try to do what I say and fail cause they don't understand, its not my job, its blizzards job to fix the ranking system so nobody has to deal with that, like seriously copy paste LoL or something I don't understand whats so bad about their system that you don't wanna get a similar one.

Some other points that I noticed, I googled around and found that a lot of other people think this trick exist.

  1. Force loses, losers team. Do you ever inspect your team mates history? well I do, every game. Trust me when I say this, its not random. There is an algorithm which makes the teams. The winning team and the losing team, if everything goes as planned the Game wins because it maintains the winrate of the players where they want it to be

For example, me and a friend was playing abathur+Varian together, we were 13-0. Which is huge, 13 wins in a row, un touchable, like we were carrying the game so hard that it was not even close. So what happens next, I inspect the guy and oh oh, 8 loses in a row..inspect the next guy 6 loses in a row, with his duo, 6 loses in a row. Am like ok this will be intence, these guys are about to ragequit in a minute, nobody can take so many loses without breaking. Boom, first blood, Cursing, afking , everything. 13-1. Next game, 3 people with losing streaks again. 13-2. Next game, 1 new player with literally no hero above 11 or something, and 2 people on losing streak. 13-3. Next game, BRONZE PLAYER. Yeah I know , impossible.. A bronze player matched in my group? Pre season rank 1 ? diamond next seasons? came back to the game and placed Plat 1? Bronze in my team nothing matters. ofc we lost that one too.13-4.

So what happened? did I forget how to play? did I become bad? And no, we were not countered, if we are getting bad set up we change our picks. but what happened to us? from 100winrate to losing streak? I started to worry, was I lucky? Am I a bad player? are these people saying Aba u r trash, Varian u trash, while we was holding 100% winrate right?

I got insecure about my varian/aba thing and we stopped picking it, cause we couldn't win anything after that. But my friend who re joined playing a few weeks after I re joined, had 80% winrate in total games of this season. So what happens here? Almost every single game we played , we had 100% of our team mates on a losing streak.

Yes now we are on 50% winrate, because we are so terrible at the game we went from 80% + winrate to 50% winrate in just a week. We are so bad that we are considering going back to QP to re learn the heroes.

  1. make it so players who haven't been placed before cannot rank above silver, it starts from Bronze 5 and going up fast until silver 3 or something, everything else its unfair and a waste of time to everyone else.
  2. We know you have the Losing streak team thing, remove that its really unfair and uncalled for
  3. The pop up keeps asking me " how effective you think reports are in this game"* ….. Really? I don't think I know its completely automatic and it does nothing unless you get massively reported.

How hard is it to fix these things? its such a small effort and it will make the game so much playable. I don't wanna uninstall, I don't wanna be angry everytime I finish playing this, I don't want new players to go away, and I don't wanna be toxic. Its a win win, do something or let us know you don't care so we can stop wasting our time. I spend countless hours to go from rank 40 to rank 1 pre season, I did it by learning every basic there is to know about the game, when to boss when to camp, when to force fight.. If I did my placements and placed rank 5, I would have never learned that. Stop placing new players in plat , it takes away the worth of the Rank.

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