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Can we get a rework of Ragnaros please?

HeroesoftheStorm 8 - Can we get a rework of Ragnaros please?

Okay, for some context, I am a bruiser main. Recently I have been practicing Ragnaros since he is a pretty decent counter-pick vs Xul at higher levels of play because of his E build and having capability to soak more potential XP thanks to Lava Wave as well as win 1v1 vs Xul. However, one thing that has really stood out to me about Rag is that he feels very outdated compared to more modern reworks like Azmodan.

Speaking of Azmodan, I think one big issue Ragnaros has is the same that the old Azmodan had; a weak base kit with an overreliance on speccing into a single ability at the detriment of everything else. Meaning that if you want to go Q build, you pretty much exclusively pick all the Q talents. Same for W and E. Because of this the builds become very rigid and stale with very samey gameplay since historically Rag's meta builds are usually just one single build at a time. Right now the E build is the go to build for Rag, but before that it was almost exclusively Q build.

Then there is the issue of numbers. Rag to me is one of the worst bruisers in the game because he is one of the squishiest bruisers while at the same time being the least mobile. Xul might not have any extra mobility like Rag's E, but Xul has far more CC in the form of roots and slows that he comes up on top on the mobility department (not to mention skeletons that dismount people from his Q). Also, Rag is a Hero that needs to be in melee a lot of the time to be the most efficient, but because of how much CC there is in the game, he can very easily get shut down. His Q heal just isn't good enough to sustain him since he is very easy to burst down after a single displacement or CC that stops his auto-attacks. His survivability does not come online until late into the game, but even then it's not that impressive when compared to pretty much any other bruiser.


Also, why is Rag's lvl 1 W talent a quest with big numbers requirement? The CD on W is too long to spam like Thrall's Chain Lightning, yet it requires far more time and effort to stack since you are reliant on people moving in a single line. At most you will get a couple of stacks per W, which makes it a super weak option, especially for the solo lane where he belongs. Rag's supposed ranged build is extremely weak when compared to Thrall's multiple Chain Lightning builds and Xul's Spectral Scythe builds, which I think are the golden standard of ranged builds for bruisers.

If there is however one thing I can compliment the current design on it is the ultimates. I think the balance changes to Sulfuros Smash to make it more competitive has been successful. Been able to completely shut Xul down and some other solo laners in 1v1 duels thanks to this. In all honesty, Ragnaros has the potential to be a really strong Xul counter as well as be better in team fights where he suffers the most right now if he had a decent rework on the same level as Xul's.

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