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Can we get an F for our favorite slug boy? (A tribute story and rant from a casual lvl 78 Aba main. LONG)

HeroesoftheStorm 7 - Can we get an F for our favorite slug boy? (A tribute story and rant from a casual lvl 78 Aba main. LONG)

Hello all. I took a break from HOTS around the time they shut the pro scene down due to all the negative vibes of the community. I loved HOTS with all my heart as it was my first (and only) MOBA I’ve come to enjoy. The uniqueness of some of the hero designs pulled me in, and then I found out it had one of the most unique heroes of any MOBA, (and was coincidentally my favorite character from the Starcraft Universe) Abathur.

After playing the game for some time and watching the oh so infamous twitch streamer, followgrubby (https://www.twitch.tv/followgrubby) and his play styles of Abathur, I finally decided to play him, and MAN. The experiences I would have. (Quick fact, I rarely played rank at all in HOTS because I was just afraid of the supposed toxicity of MOBA’s, and Since that was before the implementation of role preference, I would always find myself in roles I was never comfortable in.)

An old friend of mine used to say, “you don’t learn a hero by playing Vs. AI. You have to play with other real people. And if those people flame you, don’t let it bother you and take it as a learning experience.”

Say what you will about Aba in quick match, those experiences taught me a lot about the mechanics of HOTS. And my gosh the comps I would get. from perfect aba comps, to 4 mages, i would either have some of the best and most fun games, to have some of the worst and miserable games. But I was determined to improve at the hero.


I reminisce of the old days before the rework, where I would take the “heal build Abathur” and I would keep neck to neck ,sometimes even outheal, our healer. That would make Quick match easier for me. The feeling of hatting anyone and them escaping with 1% health is satisfying to any Abathur.

The flames, oh man, the flames come with the experience of playing aba. I admit, I’ve had more bad hats than good in some games, but when there’s a maiev and rehgar dueling a Nazaeebo that’s 50% health bot, a Zagara fighting a 1v2 with 15% health top, and a leoric that’s pyroblasted at 35% health ALL AT THE SAME TIME, there’s only so much you can do.

But taking my old friend's words to heart, I continued.

Then the rework happened, and while I was saddened heal build Abathur was gone, I would be lying if I didn’t say that Abathur was more fun for me. Building my hat to be more powerful actually made me feel like I had more presence in team fights. I will never forget my Blackhearts bay game where I hatted my Kaharazim, and I got my first Quad kill.

Fast forward About 75 Abathur levels later, I can say without a doubt that I’ve mastered in my own way of playing abathur. I’m not the best but I know what I’m doing. It was my first sense of real accomplishment in any game. One of the 2 heroes at the difficulty of VERY HARD. Micro management to a whole new level for me, but mastered I did. When my friends who were into LOL saw aba, they just said “Ah, so you’re just other peoples’ bitch?” They were obviously not impressed with him, and after a couple of “bad” introductory games to HOTS with my friend, he said “I hate it when you play him. It’s a 4v5 the whole game.” I would later prove him wrong by getting MVP after MVP in the next matches. Aba is great if your team plays around him, and he is a force to be reckoned with if your team plays correctly, but my friend was new to HOTS so i understand him not knowing how to play with Aba.

Then, the thing we all dreaded happened. The HGC cancellation. A majority of the player base left, most of the streamers we all knew and loved went on to other games, pro players we cheered for were blindsided by this, and I tried for the life of me to enjoy the game. But even when Followgrubby, the man that inspired me to play aba left, I just knew HOTS wasn’t gonna be the same for me, and I put it down. I kept up with the game here and there by watching an occasional youtube video from the twictch streamer Fan (https://www.twitch.tv/fanhots) , but I couldn’t play it. I tried playing DOTA 2 and LOL, but it was never the same.


Then blizzcon 2019 comes, and we hear of the announcement of deathwing, another unique hero that is coming to the game, and that resparked everyone’s interest in the game. I then contemplated to redownload the game and see what happens next. Fast forward to last week, I see deathwing is announced to be on the PTR, and i INSTANTLY download the game and the PTR. I decided to first jump in the good old quick match queue with my favorite slug boy, but due to wonky comps after a long break, I went into an unranked game just hoping I would get lucky to get an aba comp for me, and when I got into a game with a 4 stack on alterac pass, I hovered over aba and they said “Play aba IF YOU’RE GOOD” they didn’t know who they were talking to. Ending the game with a stomp of a victory,3 kills, 15 assists, and 13.2k xp contribution, I said to myself “I still got it…. I still got it..” With a massive grin on my face. I didn’t get MVP, but my team wasn’t shy to give me all the votes on the screen.

I wouldn’t know of the horror that awaited me next. I jumped back onto the PTR and….. It was my worst nightmare. “XP globes? Hmmm, I wonder what it’s like for abathur. They say his hat can pick it up, so it shouldn't be too bad. ” Blizzard proved me wrong. u/silveraxeart post clearly describes how All aba mains feel right now, but to all the people that keep saying “His still has global soak with his hat. Stop complaining, “I'll repeat what he said. As of me writing this post, If i hat a tower, or archer minion, I don’t get xp globes from the archer minions, body soaking (which was the bread and butter of abathur) is nonexistent, if an enemy hero is in my lane, my hat dies in a short amount of time, and my biggest gripe, Now if i want to soak a lane during an objective or a teamfight, I have to **TRUST MY TEAM TO NOT DIE FOR AT LEAST 10 SECONDS**, just for me to gather 3 globes of xp. Alas…. I have now become….. A glorified gall…..

Tomorrow, heroes gets updated with a new patch, and most likely, these changes will stay the same. But who knows, maybe they’ll prove me wrong and tweak aba better, making me writing this post over the course of 2 days look stupid, but knowing blizzard, I highly doubt that (PLEASE BLIZZARD I’M BEGGING YOU. **PROVE ME WRONG. MAKE ME EAT MY WORDS. MAKE ME LOOK STUPID. DON’T CHANGE THE PLAYSTYLE OF THE MOST UNIQUE HERO IN ALL OF THE MOBA’S**)

If you made it to the end of this long post, whether you love or hate him, please drop an F for our boy. I'm not here to argue on how OP or how having a abathur on your team sucks and he deserves this, Abathur's playstyle and viability has dramatically changed, and it hurst when that happens to your favorite hero (Shoutout to the old tyrande mains. I see you and I know you miss our owl quest.) It was a good ride, but alas, good things must come to an end. It was a shame that just when I got into back into HOTS, they change the hero that got me into HOTS in the first place. I never knew you in high ranks, where abathur truly shined, and most likely I never will. I never got to LVL 100 with you, my biggest regret since leaving heroes. I’m gonna miss the spam pings from illidan’s, Qhira,s and Win blades varian thinking an aba hat make them invincible in a 1v4 when they're all at 40%HP. As of writing this, this is the last day ill probably play aba (**AGAIN BLIZZARD, PLEASE PROVE ME WRONG BY TOMORROW'S PATCH**)

But to all my aba mainsw who will push on even after this, As our favorite slug would say "Adapt, Evolve, Conquer" It was nice knowing you… my old friend.


Tl;DR, Abathur playstyle is ruined for most players, 85% of this was just me ranting of my old abathur days, and please drop an F for our boy.

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