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Can we have more supports? 4 hardly qualifies as a class.

HeroesoftheStorm 9 - Can we have more supports? 4 hardly qualifies as a class.

Just saying. Not sure what another support could do? Maybe a buff or debuff focused hero. Sombra or Rory Swann for example. Actually Rory would be a great idea. It’s been too long since we had a Starcraft hero and too long since we had a support, and that is exactly what Rory’s job is. He is a support!

He could have marauder style auto attacks that deal okay damage with abilities that buff his team mates. Something like this:

Q: Augment Weapons: Activate to increase a target ally’s Physical Attack damage by 15% for 6 seconds.

W: Augment Armor: Activate to increase a target ally’s armor by 20 for 6 seconds.

E: Flaming Betty: Throw down a turret that has (x health +4% per level) and burn enemies in the area for (x damage +4% per level) every 0.25 seconds. Deals 50% more damage to minions, mercs and summons. You can only have 1 Betty active at a time. Lasts until destroyed.

R: A.R.E.S Warbots: Call down 3 warbots that deal (x +4% per level damage) to targets hit. The warbots push down the nearest lane attacking all enemy targets on the way. If they come across enemy mercs they will chase them down until the mercs are killed. Warbots last until destroyed.

R: Barracks: Channel for 10 seconds and build a barracks that has (x health +4% per level) that spawns 1 minion of each type every 7 seconds that push down the nearest lane. Barracks last until destroyed. You can have a maximum of 3 barracks on the battlefield.

D: Trait: Engineer: Channel on an allied structure to heal it for (x health) over 6 seconds. While a structure is being healed, it’s attack range and attack speed is increased by 50%. Rory gains 30 armor and Unstoppable while channeling.


Level 1:

Upgrade Arsenal: Augment weapons also increases Spell Damage by 10%.

Protective Nanites: Augment Armor is increased by 10 and its duration is increased by 2 seconds.

Sabotage: Engineer can be used on enemy structures to deal (x damage +4% per level) over 6 seconds. While channeling, the structure’s attack speed is reduced by 50%.

Enhanced Ballistics: Increase Rory’s attack range by 2.


Level 4:

Concussion Rounds: Auto-attacks slow enemy movement speed by 20% for 2 seconds.

Grease Monkey: Reduce the cooldown of Engineer by 10 seconds and increase the armor bonus by 20.

Upgrade Fuel Cells: Increase Flaming Betty’s range by 30%.

Level 7:

Sentry Turret: (number slot ability): Channel for 3 seconds and build a sentry turret on any allied or enemy structure that deals (x damage +4%) every 0.5 seconds. Lasts until destroyed.

Betty’s Finest: Flaming Betty gains 40 armor.

Structural Integrity: (number slot ability): Channel for 3 seconds and grant an allied structure 30 armor permanently.

Level 13:

Fragmentation Rounds: Auto-attacks splash around the target for 50% damage.

Experienced: Reduce the cooldown of Augment Weapons and Augment Armor by 4 seconds.

Efficiency Cycler: (number slot ability): Target an allied hero and reduce their mana costs by 25% until they are killed.

Level 16:

Searing Heat: Flaming Betty’s bonus damage applies to all targets.

Positive Feedback: Using Augment Weapons or Augment Armor will grant Rory and a nearby ally the same bonuses.

Negative Feedback: Augment Weapons or Augment Armor can be used on enemy heroes to reduce their stats.

Level 20:

System Upgrade: Increase Warbots’ movement speed, attack damage and range by 40%.

Perfect Architecture: Barracks gain 100% extra health, 90 armor and a turret that attacks nearby enemies.

Core Defender: Engineer can be used on the allied core. While channeling on the core, Rory and the core gain bonus 30 armor.

Betty and the Gang: When placing Flaming Betty you also place Blaster Billy and Spinning Dizzy nearby. Blaster Billy deals (x damage +4% per level) to a single target prioritising Heroes and reduces their armor by 15. Spinning Dizzy splashes in an area dealing (x damage +4%) and stunning targets hit for 1 second.

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