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Can we please fix the basics first?

HeroesoftheStorm 9 - Can we please fix the basics first?

This topic assumes Quickcast by default.

Abilities that have Charges are still not reactive or game often ignores your inputs entirely.

Take Zarya into Try mode and go for the (Q) build, particularly the lvl 20 talent.

There is ALWAYS a built-in delay between when her (Q) comes off of cooldown, becomeing colorful (active and ready for use), and the character actually reacting to your input and launching a particle grenade after you press the (Q) button.

I know she's not the most popular character, but why is this still not fixed after all those years? I didn't bother recording a video, since this is easily observable to the point that it can't even be denied. Another way to easily notice this behavior is when a bot plays a Hero with charge-based abilities, as they always launch theirs perfectly, with no delay aside from the casting time itself, and you're just always baffled like why can't I ever do that so efficiently?

This delay occurs even when you set up an autoclicker to spam the (Q) key for you 50 times a second and has to have some relation to abilities being cancelled and your input not recognized (remember that Diablo (W) not going off topic?).

Here's what is happening.

If you do not use quick cast, and you press your hotkey once, it will bring up your aiming tools so once you left click it will fire where you have aimed. Traditionally it does not matter how many times you press the hotkey, it will still leave the aiming tools up. To cancel the spell cast you just have to right click.


Now however, if you press the hotkey twice, or press the hotkey again while the aiming tools are up, the second press will cancel the spell.

So the difference is now, pressing the hotkey again cancels the spell instead of right clicking.

It still baffles me that HotS, 4 years after release, still remains unable to get the zero delay right, something LoL took care of fairly quickly.

If two-pressing an ability fast really cancels it out like that comment above states, can you please get to work on allowing character-wide clamping as an option, similarly to like people keep bringing up the ability to see walls for all Heroes as a toggeable option? Because in Zarya's case, at least part of the issue with inputs not being recognized can be blamed on your mouse cursor residing outside of her (Q)'s range the moment you attempt to use the ability, but even that is besides the point, since it fails to go off when you keep your mouse cursor within the (Q)s range at all times as well.

And this topic has been discussed to death; we've even arrived at a conclusion that mixing in movement inputs between ability inputs cancels them out (mentioned Diablo (W) topic that I can never find a link to for the love of me, but it was heavily upvoted and had dev responses there).

At this point, I just blame it on a combination of those several factors, plus the general Starcraft II command queueing issue that also cancels actions out. You can even see it when doing somthing so basic as queueing up the Mount Up command and right-clicking a movement command right after; often times your Hero will ignore it entirely, or otherwise interrupt the Mounting up animation and continue 'running' normally. It is beyond god damn frustrating.

Something has to give, something has to finally be done about this to fix this most basic functionality issue with the game. But I rest my case – if it wasn't fixed by now, it probably never will.

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